16 Berryhill Road,
Columbia SC 29210
(803) 680-6648

Main Points of Contact
Jonathan Borneman, VP of Sales

Cole Yungmann, VP of Marketing

Now more than ever, Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) is essential for every city to protect its employees and citizens.

SC Health (100% USA owned/operated with headquarters in Columbia, SC) is delivering millions of PPE items nationwide so each city department can maintain a complete stock of everything from masks and gloves to hand sanitizer and infrared thermometers.

SC Health will work with each city to determine its unique PPE needs and will assist with the creation of a focused and affordable plan to ensure that safety and budgetary
requirements are met.

Resources for Cities

  • SC Health is also offering free masks to a limited number of NLC members. To learn how you can qualify for free masks, please contact our strategic partnerships at 
  • NLC members are offered a 10% introductory discount.

Commitment to the Public Sector

SC Health works with municipalities to identify individual PPE needs to serve their residents and staff. SC Health will assist with the creation of a focused and affordable plan. 

SC Health provides the vital PPE and medical supplies needed to help municipalities continue to manage the COVID-19 pandemic in their community.  

Thanks to SC Health’s organization and products, the City of Columbia acquired expeditious and welcoming services that were embraced with quality and gratitude. SC Health’s staff is complementary and their deliverance is phenomenal. We appreciate the opportunity to build a world-class relationship with an outstanding organization.  

       Wateka Smith, Safety Compliance Manager, City of Columbia