NLC is governed by a board of directors that is comprised of four officers (president, first vice president, second vice president and immediate past president), all past presidents still in local government service, eight state league directors, seven advocacy committee chairs and forty at-large members.

The president, first vice president, and second vice president are elected to one-year terms during the annual business meeting, and twenty local elected officials are elected to serve two-year terms as at-large members of the board. An elected official must currently hold elected office in an NLC member city to serve in a leadership position.

2024 Board of Directors

Clarence Anthony
Clarence E. Anthony
CEO & Executive Director
David Sander, Ph.D.
Mayor, Rancho Cordova, California
Sharon Weston Broome
First Vice President
Mayor-President, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Steve Patterson
Second Vice President
Mayor, Athens, Ohio
Victoria Woodards
Immediate Past President
Mayor, Tacoma, Washington

  • Andreas Addison, Councilmember, Richmond, Virginia
  • Byron Amos, Councilmember, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Janet Arbuckle, Mayor, Grass Valley, California
  • Aaron Banks, Council President, Jackson, Mississippi 
  • Andrea Barefield, Councilmember, Waco, Texas
  • Tom Belshe, Executive Director, League of Arizona Cities and Towns 
  • Gyna Bivens, Councilmember, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Michael Blake, Mayor, Cocoa, Florida 
  • Nathaniel Booker, Mayor, Maywood, Illinois 
  • Ted Brady, Executive Director, Vermont League of Cities and Towns 
  • Travis Bruton, Councilmember, Glenn Heights, Texas  
  • Aditi Bussells, Councilmember, Columbia, South Carolina
  • Jolien Caraballo, Vice Mayor, Port St. Lucie, Florida
  • Kristopher Dahir, Councilmember, Sparks, Nevada
  • Cindy Dyballa, Councilmember, Takoma Park, Maryland   
  • Mark Freeman, Councilmember, Mesa, Arizona
  • Doreen Garlid, Vice Mayor, Tempe, Arizona
  • Jeannie Garner, Executive Director, Florida League of Cities
  • Dan Gilmartin, Executive Director, Michigan Municipal League
  • Michelle Gowdy, Executive Director, Virginia Municipal League 
  • Ruth Grendahl, Councilmember, Apple Valley, Minnesota
  • Blaine Griffin, Council President, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Mark Hayes, Executive Director, Arkansas Municipal League
  • Jeanette Herron, Councilmember, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Christina Hobbs, Mayor Pro Tem, Union City, Georgia 
  • David Holt, Mayor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Emmett Jordan, Mayor, Greenbelt, Maryland
  • Dan Kealey, Councilmember, Burnsville, Minnesota
  • Kevin Kramer, Councilmember, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Kelly Lynch, Executive Director, Montana League of Cities and Towns  
  • Jodi Miller, Mayor, Freeport, Illinois 
  • Denise Mitchell, Mayor Pro Tem, College Park, Maryland  
  • James Mitchell, Councilmember, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Josh Moenning, Mayor, Norfolk, Nebraska
  • Bianca Motley Broom, Mayor, College Park, Georgia 
  • Brian O’Neill, Councilmember, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Darrell O’Quinn, Councilmember, Birmingham, Alabama  
  • Matt Orlando, Councilmember, Chandler, Arizona
  • Jaime Patiño, Councilmember, Union City, California 
  • Hattie Portis-Jones, Councilmember, Fairburn, Georgia
  • Emmanuel Remy, Councilmember, Columbus, Ohio 
  • Christopher Roberts, Mayor, Shoreline, Washington 
  • Adriana Rocha Garcia, Councilmember, San Antonio, Texas
  • Chalice Savage, Councilmember, Cottage Grove, Oregon 
  • Richard Sheets, Executive Director, Missouri Municipal League
  • Mark Shepherd, Mayor, Clearfield, Utah 
  • Joshua Simmons, Commissioner, Coral Springs, Florida 
  • Doug Sprouse, Mayor, Springdale, Arkansas 
  • Ty Stober, Mayor Pro Tem, Vancouver, Washington 
  • Brian Traugott, Mayor, Versailles, Kentucky 
  • Ashley Vanorny, Councilmember, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
  • Gilbert Villegas, Alderman, Chicago, Illinois
  • Laura Weinberg, Mayor, Golden, Colorado 
  • Jeff Weisensel, Mayor, Rosemount, Minnesota 
  • Vince Williams, Mayor, Union City, Georgia
  • Janice Zahn, Councilmember, Bellevue, Washington 

Past Presidents

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NLC Bylaws

NLC Bylaws: Amended on November 19, 2016. Download and review the bylaws here.

2021 Leadership Application

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