Federal Advocacy Committees

NLC’s seven Federal Advocacy Committees, together with NLC’s leadership and the Federal Advocacy team, play a key role in all NLC advocacy efforts. Comprised of local officials from NLC member cities and towns across the country, the Committees play a central role in developing the organization’s federal policy positions, which are the foundation of our advocacy efforts, and leading our advocacy on the Hill and within the Administration. Combined, these federal policy positions make up the National Municipal Policy, which is a statement of goals, policies, and program objectives that are reviewed annually by the NLC membership. 

The policy development process is dynamic and inclusive, encouraging all NLC members to identify emerging topics of immediate and long-term consequence to the nation’s cities and towns and allowing them to develop standing positions and advocacy strategies. Every year, members may submit amendments to standing policy and propose resolutions addressing timely issues or specific pieces of legislation.  Submissions are then forwarded to the advocacy committees of jurisdiction for review and consideration; from there, they are adopted by the full membership at the Annual Business Meeting at the NLC City Summit. 

The National Municipal Policy Amendment and Resolution Submission process for 2022 is open. The deadline for submissions is June 25, 2021. NLC’s members can submit amendments and resolutions through the National Municipal Policy Amendment and Resolution Submission Form.

Once adopted, standing policy language remains in effect permanently until it is amended by the NLC membership.  Resolutions sunset after one year unless action is taken to renew them for another year or incorporate them into permanent policy language. 

NLC has prepared its 2021 National Municipal Policy 2021. During NLC’s virtual City Summit, the entire NLC membership, including the State Municipal Leagues, considered changes to NLC’s National Municipal Policy (NMP). The NMP is NLC’s comprehensive policy platform on federal issues directly affecting or of concern to cities and towns. It serves as the foundation for NLC’s federal advocacy efforts on behalf of the nation’s cities, towns, and villages and is subject to an annual review by the NLC membership during the City Summit. A relevant and robust NMP is essential to elevating the voices of cities, towns and villages on Capitol Hill. Review the 2021 National Municipal Policy.

Community & Economic Development Committee

Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Committee

Finance, Administration & Intergovernmental Relations Committee

Human Development Committee

Information Technology & Communications Committee

Public Safety & Crime Prevention Committee

Transportation & Infrastructure Services Committee

Committee Appointment Requirements: 
  • Be a local elected or appointed city official or city staff from an NLC member city 
  • Attendance at all meetings 
  • Commitment to take advocacy actions on behalf of NLC and your City 
  • Meaningfully contribute to the Committee you are serving on 
  • Actively advocate on NLC’ s organizational priorities 
  • Participate in Policy discussions as needed 

Federal Advocacy Committee Application 

Annually, the incoming NLC President appoints the leaders and the members of the federal advocacy committees to a one-year term. Local elected and appointed city and town officials from NLC member cities are eligible to be appointed. To be considered for an appointment, you must complete this online application. In addition to leading the federal advocacy committees, those appointed as committee chairs will also serve on NLC’s Board of Directors during their leadership year. Federal Advocacy Committee membership appointments will be announced following the NLC’s City Summit conference held in November.

The membership application is now closed.