Who We Are

The National League of Cities is an organization comprised of city, town and village leaders that are focused on improving the quality of life for their current and future constituents.

With over 90 years of dedication to the strength, health and advancement of local governments, the NLC has gained the trust and support of more than 2,000 cities across the nation. Together, our mission is to strengthen local leadership, influence federal policy and drive innovative solutions.

Elected Leadership

Joe Buscaino
Councilmember, 15th district, Los Angeles
Kathy Maness
First Vice President
Councilmember, Lexington, South Carolina
Vince Williams
Second Vice President
Mayor, Union City, Georgia
Matt Zone
Immediate Past President
Councilmember, Cleveland, Ohio

Our Guiding Principles

We abide by 8 pillars of excellence to provide quality service and resources to our members and their 200+ million constituents.

  • NLC is Inclusive. We are a nonpartisan organization and we embrace diversity of thought, perspectives and experiences.
  • NLC is Focused. We focus on what matters most to our member cities, towns and villages and municipalities nationwide.
  • NLC is Valuable. As a resource and advocate for our members, and a key partner to the state municipal leagues.
  • NLC is Influential. We are recognized as powerful and reliable partners and respected by federal policymakers.
  • NLC is Visible. We have a strong impact on our members, in Washington, D.C., and in the news.
  • NLC is Relationship Driven. We are dedicated to building personal connections between local leaders and between local governments and NLC staff.
  • NLC is Forward Leaning. With compelling engagement opportunities and cutting-edge technology, we are innovative at every turn.
  • NLC is Financially Solid. With a diversified revenue model that reflects the nation’s modern economy.

NLC Programs

We have four special program areas dedicated to supporting local leaders and their communities.

Corporate Partnerships

We are proud to partner with leaders in business. Learn more about our corporate partners and the benefits they bring to NLC members.

CEO & Executive Team

Our Senior Executive Team leads the way for NLC and helps us achieve our vision for local communities.

Jobs at NLC

Are you passionate about cities and their leaders? Take a look at our available opportunities and see how you can join our team!

The work of the National League of Cities is ultimately about the work of mayors, council members, and thousands of dedicated Americans serving and working for cities and towns across the nation.


2019 Annual Report

Our most recent annual reports showcase NLC’s accomplishments and ongoing efforts to strengthen local leadership, influence federal policy and drive innovative solutions.