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Federal Advocacy At-A-Glance

2020 federal action agenda

2020 Federal Action Agenda

NLC has crafted a biannual agenda mapped to the Congressional cycle to guide local advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and with the Administration. Learn more about the issues that matter most in your community. View our Federal Action Agenda items below.

COVID-19 REsponse

COVID-19 Response

Local elected officials are distinctly positioned to protect the health and safety of America’s residents and to provide reassurance in times in crisis, including during the COVID-19 outbreak.

2021 Cities agenda

Cities Agenda

The Leading Together Cities Agenda reflects an understanding of Americans’ top priorities and concerns to build a strong, safe and fair nation in 2021 and beyond. Here are the priorities of local governments for the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris administration.

Federal advocacy committees

Federal Advocacy Committees

Comprised of local officials from NLC member cities and towns across the country, the seven Federal Advocacy Committees play a central role in developing the organization’s National Municipal Policy, which is the foundation of our advocacy efforts. Committee members, access committee resources now.

court cases

Court Cases

The federal court system is responsible for much of the law affecting local government and their scope of authority. NLC provides a vehicle to support cities, towns and villages involved in significant litigation or administrative adjudication that could affect municipal organization, operation, powers, duties, or financing. Through legal advocacy, NLC serves as a more effective and aggressive advocate for legal issues of national importance to local governments. NLC is a trustee member of the State and Local Legal Center, a collaboration of seven national organizations representing state and local governments.

2021 National Municipal Policy

The National Municipal Policy (NMP) is a compilation of federal policy positions introduced, approved and adopted by the full membership of the National League of Cities. These positions focus on federal actions, programs and legislation that directly impact municipalities and guide all of NLC’s federal advocacy efforts. It is updated annually.

2020 Federal ACTION AGENDA


America’s infrastructure networks must be rebuilt and reimagined to meet modern demand. Congress must partner with cities, towns and villages and invest in a vision for infrastructure that will serve residents for the next century. Learn more about advocacy actions, regulations and court cases on this issue. 

Community Resilience

Addressing climate change and building community resilience is critical to the long-term health and safety of our national and local economies, as well as our residents and communities. Federal leaders must commit to policy and programs to help communities rebuild stronger after a disaster and minimize future damage and risk to extreme weather events. Learn more about advocacy actions, regulations and court cases on this issue. 

Federal Budget and Appropriations

Stay up to date on the Fiscal Year 2021 federal budget and appropriations process. NLC is tracking and compiling everything local leaders need to know about the status of the important federal investments in our nation’s cities, towns and villages.


Our nation is the midst of a housing crisis. – one that cities cannot solve alone. We must modernize our community and economic development policies and increase investment in federal housing programs. Learn more about advocacy actions, regulations and court cases on this issue.


Local leaders throughout the nation have been aggressively developing policies and programs to address the opioid epidemic. Many local governments lack the necessary resources to mount a comprehensive response –  local and federal partnership is needed to drive back the devastating effects of this epidemic. Learn more about advocacy actions, regulations and court cases on this issue.

Small Cell Deployment

Local governments are eager to welcome new broadband technologies but it is critical that communities retain the authority to protect the diverse needs of their residents. Cities have faced a rising tide of preemption at the state and federal levels over the past several years, particularly in the area of wireless telecommunications facility sitting policy. Learn more about advocacy actions, regulations and court cases on this issue.

Tax Policy

Federal tax policy is implemented locally, and local governments need all the tools available to them to protect the interest and fulfill the needs of cities, towns and villages. Learn more about advocacy actions, regulations and court cases on this issue.


An accurate count of our nation’s communities through the decennial Census is essential – from federal funding allocations, to redrawing districts, to understanding our residents and communities better. Learn more about advocacy actions, regulations and court cases on this issue.

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