The Information Technology and Communications Committee is responsible for developing policy positions and leading NLC’s advocacy on issues involving broadband access and affordability, net neutrality, cable TV, phone services, spectrum issues, wireless facilities siting, smart cities, and cybersecurity. Most recently, the Committee’s work has focused on defending against federal preemption of wireless facilities siting authority, closing the digital divide, and broadband consumer protections for city residents. 

NLC’s Federal Advocacy Committee members include local elected officials and city staff from NLC member cities and towns across the country who are committed to discussing and influencing federal policy that has a direct and profound impact on local government operations. 

2021 Leadership: 

  • Chair: John Fogle, Councilor, Loveland, Colorado
  • Vice Chair: Susan Norton, Chief of Staff, Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Vice Chair: Lauren Tolmachoff, Council Member, City of Glendale, Arizona
2021 Meetings and Events

Congressional City Conference: 

View the policies and resolutions crafted by and voted on by the Information Technology and Communications Committee: 

Click here to view the full 2021 National Municipal Policy book containing each of the Federal Advocacy Committee chapters and resolutions.