Public finance is fundamental to the activities of cities and towns and to the health of the national economy. It's how cities pay for the services, invest in infrastructure and support the municipal workforce. Our work features survey and other research reports on the structure, health, and factors affecting city finances, as well as resources for city officials to use in making better decisions. 

  • City Fiscal Conditions

    NLC has been tracking the fiscal conditions of cities for the past 30 years through a survey of city finance officers. This information provides the only source of annual finance data for the municipal sector.

  • Cities and State Fiscal Structure

    This analysis examines state-local fiscal structures. These systems can create an environment that either allows municipalities to fund their share of resident needs and to thrive economically or constrains the ability of cities to balance budgets and deliver basic services.

  • Local Jobs Report

    NLC conducts a monthly analysis of the jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics with a specific focus on local government employment.