Afterschool and Summer Learning

Afterschool and Summer Learning
Afterschool and Summer Learning

The Institute for Youth, Education, and Families has over a decade of experience and knowledge working with cities and municipal leaders to help strengthen local efforts to create, expand and improve afterschool opportunities and build coordinated citywide afterschool systems.



Getting Started With Afterschool

“Where do I begin? How do I get started?” are common questions we hear from municipal officials interested in bolstering afterschool learning opportunities in their communities.

Afterschool Data

Building an effective citywide afterschool data system requires a broadly collaborative effort usually between city government, the local school district(s), and community-based organizations to create a system that is fully responsive to the needs of its children.

Municipal Leadership and Engagement for Afterschool

Leadership and engagement from local elected officials can transform how communities respond to the afterschool needs of children and youth.

Building Public Will for Afterschool

Local elected officials have a number of opportunities at their disposal to strengthen partnerships and build public will to support afterschool.

Citywide Afterschool System Building

Find resources to coordinate afterschool and summer learning programs across your city to more efficiently leverage resources, ensure program quality and sustainability of programs.

Afterschool and Summer Meals

With support from the Walmart Foundation, we are working with the Food Research and Action Center to help cities reduce child hunger and supplement current funding for afterschool and summer programs.