Constituency Groups

Constituency Groups
Constituency Groups

I believe it is important for people to join constituency groups so they can better relate to the citizens they serve in their community.

-T. Oscar Trevino, Mayor, Nortt Richland Hills, Texas, Former HELO President

What is a Constituency Group? 

Caucuses within the National League of Cities, our constituency groups are networks that give local leaders a space to express themselves and advocate for the needs of their community. With five different constituencies, everyone can find their place within NLC. 

Constituency group membership is now a member benefit. Join any time by filling out the application at the bottom of the page. 

Constituency groups aren't just for members who self-identify within a caucus. If you're a local leader who is passionate about lifting the voice of a constituency within your community, your peers in the constituency groups can serve as a resource center and you can learn a lot from topics of discussion at the conferences and meetings. 

Networking & Leadership Opportunities

Every constituency group is a platform to network and share insights and expertise. With opportunities for leadership, policy creation and networking, you'll find your home within NLC while learning skills you can bring back to your community. 

  • Advocate for representation of diverse communities
  • Share ideas and best practices 
  • Serve as a resource for the larger NLC community

Federal Advocacy

Get closer to NLC's advocacy efforts.

Constituency groups stay in the loop with special updates from NLC's Federal Advocacy team on issues that matter to their communities. Members also have the opportunity to help shape NLC's annual legislative agenda.

Annual Events

Members may attend special summer conferences and enjoy constituency group events during NLC's annual conferences, including workshops, round table discussions and networking opportunities. Plus, three of five constituency groups host annual summer conferences:

  • HELO
  • WIMG 


Have questions? Visit our frequently asked questions page or email 

Joining a Constituency Group

Joining a constituency group is an NLC member benefit—there is no cost associated with membership!. By joining a constituency group, you can receive policy and legislative updates, access to the group network and special updates related to NLC annual and summer conferences. 

Come conference time, you'll pay a one time participation fee at each conference to support the group's conference activities. This enables you to vote in elections, attend policy and business meetings and network at receptions. 

Questions? Read through our FAQs or contact us at 

Join Now!

If you're not an NLC member or you're not an elected official, you can still join a constituency group by becoming a Supporting Member. However, you are not able to vote in elections or participate in some of the groups' activities. 

Fill out this form to become a Supporting Member.

City Cultural Diversity Awards

The National League of Cities offers the City Cultural Diversity Awards to honor cities that exhibit quality and innovation promoting cultural diversity. These awards are presented at the annual Congressional City Conference.

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