About WIMG

One of NLC’s six constituency groups, WIMG brings together female municipal leaders to network and share best practices.  

Women in Municipal Government (WIMG)  is a caucus within NLC that serves as forum for communication and networking among women local elected officials and their colleagues.  

Established within NLC in 1974, the group works to raise awareness about issues of concern to women, and it encourages women to seek public office in their communities. It has successfully forged a prominent role for women in the development of NLC’s National Municipal Policy and its agenda for the nation’s cities and towns.  

WIMG has a Board of Directors as well as an Advisory Council, which consists of its past presidents who remain in elected or appointed municipal office. The Board of Directors is elected every two years at NLC’s City Summit Conference by the group’s membership.

WIMG serves as a vehicle for members to discuss problems and explore solutions, debate policy issues, and contribute to the success of American cities and towns. The group meets three times a year in person and hosts a variety of webinars and programs throughout the year and leadership awards program.

WIMG Membership Details

WIMG welcomes new members at any time throughout the year; the group meets in person at the Congressional City Conference and City Summit. WIMG’s annual conference is held in the summer and the location rotates each year. An opportunity for members to explore new cities and bring home new ideas, the retreat serves as a networking summit made for big ideas and in-depth leadership training. There is a nominal activity fee to participate in events (dinners, receptions) that are paid with registration to each conference.


Become a member of Women in Municipal Government. There is no extra cost for NLC members to join WIMG. Non-members pay a $75 supporting member fee per year. Click ‘Join Now’ to complete an application through the MyNLC portal.

Attend the 2024 WIMG Summer Conference

Each year, WIMG hosts a summer event, offering an in-person chance for networking and education. This year’s conference will take place in Hollywood, Florida, July 17-19, 2024.

About NLC Constituency Groups

NLC Constituency Groups give local elected officials a space to express themselves and advocate for the needs of their community. They reflect the diverse interests and backgrounds of NLC members and contribute to leadership development, policy formulation, advocacy and program activities.