One of NLC’s five constituency groups, Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials (APAMO) brings together Asian Pacific American municipal leaders to network and share best practices.  

Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials (APAMO) is a caucus within NLC that provides municipal officials who identify and ally with the Asian Pacific American to connect with their colleagues in a forum to share ideas and develop leadership experience. 

Established within NLC in 1985, APAMO serves as a vehicle for members to discuss problems and explore solutions, debate policy issues, and contribute to the success of American cities and towns. The group meets twice a year in person and hosts a variety of webinars and programs throughout the year.  

The APAMO Board of Directors is elected every two years at NLC’s City Summit by the group’s membership. For information about Board nominations and an application form, see the membership section below.  


APAMO welcomes new members at any time throughout the year; the group meets in person at the Congressional City Conference and City Summit. There is a nominal activity fee to participate in events (dinners, receptions) that is paid with registration to each conference.  

There is no extra cost for NLC members to join APAMO; non-members pay a $75 supporting member fee per year.