Librarian helping kids on computers
Digital Equity Featured Cities in Action

San Jose, CA 

Problem: Despite being the largest city in Silicon Valley, approximately 100,000 San Jose residents do not have access to the internet at home. They are persistently excluded from surrounding opportunities by this digital divide.  

Solution: San Jose has established the Digital Inclusion Partnership, a public-private partnership to improve internet access, ensure that every resident has a working device to connect to the internet and enhance digital literacy.  

Outcome: This partnership aims to connect 50,000 San Jose households with universal internet and devices over the next 10 years. Already residents have access to more than 750 computers and 3,000 mobile hotspots from the public library, free tech support through the Tech Support Helpline Pilot and digital literacy trainings.  

Chattanooga, TN 

Problem: Students in Chattanooga lacked the internet access they needed to reach their full potential in school and close the homework gap, the barriers that students face when working on homework assignments without reliable, at-home internet access.  

Solution: On July 29, 2020, the City of Chattanooga announced a new initiative to close the homework gap: “HCS EdConnect, powered by EPB.” HCS EdConnect provides free internet access, hardware and installation to all students enrolled in free or reduced-price lunch programs. 

Outcome: HCS EdConnect now serves more than 14,000 students and 11,000 household members who had little to no internet access beforehand.