NLC Partnerships

City Night
City Night

NLC has many different types of partners, from corporate partners who are recognized as thought leaders and share best practices, to enterprise partners who provide value-added solutions and cost savings to cities and towns and their residents.

Corporate Partners

The National League of Cities Corporate Partners Program promotes the exchange of ideas between corporate leaders and the leaders of America's cities in order to strengthen local government, encourage economic competitiveness and promote corporate civic engagement.

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Savings and Solutions Programs

The National League of Cities is committed to helping city leaders build better communities. By building strategic partnerships and NLC-branded programs with select private sector companies and not-for-profit organizations, NLC offers products and services that provide value-added solutions and cost savings to cities and towns and their residents. NLC leverages its communications, conferences and other outreach vehicles to market these programs to the nation's 19,000 cities and towns, providing partnering organizations with access and visibility with municipal influencers and decision-makers.

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Engagement Opportunities

NLC offers companies and national nonprofit organizations a broad range of sponsorship opportunities that will link your brand with high visibility events, trusted online resources and targeted member groups. Two annual conferences, national and regional training, diverse group meetings, and other programs make it easy to reach your target audience and engage with local elected officials.

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Partnership Council


Sarah Wilson_Chair

  Co-Chair Sarah Wilson

Vice president, Grants Division


Heidi Lorenzen_chair

Co-Chair Heidi Lorenzen

Vice president, Marketing



Vice Chair Mike Watson

Senior Advisor, Livable Communities



Vice Chair Angelica Wedell

Director, Marketing & Communications


Mike Stanton

Past Chair Mike Stanton

Head of Strategy & Communications

Build America Mutual


Past Chair Brian Aylward

Manager, Association Marketing

Tyler Tech