National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO)

NBC-LEO Members
NBC-LEO Members

The National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO) is a network and caucus within NLC that represents the interests of African American local elected officials.

Created in 1970, the caucus is a space for members to express themselves, share best practices and ensure that NLC's policies and programs benefit their community. 


Member Benefits


NBC-LEO meets three times annually: at City Summit, the Congressional City Conference and at a summer meeting. These gatherings are opportunities for members to discuss the challenges they've faced, the solutions they've developed and the work they're doing to improve their community.

NLC members find that constituency groups help them foster life-long connections with local officials from around the country, share best practices and develop policy positions that serve their community. 

Policy Priorities 

NBC-LEO takes pride in tackling current issues facing the Black and African American community. This year, their focus is on: 

  • Making the local municipal procurement process equitable and representative of the community. 
  • Helping local elected officials better understand the procurement process. 
  • Helping local leaders understand their role in promoting minority owned business opportunities in cities. 


Serving in a leadership position on the NBC-LEO Board of Directors or Executive Office is a great opportunity to expand your leadership skills. NLC leadership applications usually open during early fall. 

Joining NBC-LEO

Joining a constituency group is an NLC member benefit. With the exception of the Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials, you don't have to pay a yearly membership fee. By joining a constituency group, you can receive policy and legislative updates, access to the group network and special updates related to NLC annual and summer conferences. 

Come conference time, you'll pay a one time participation fee at each conference to support the group's conference activities. This enables you to vote in elections, attend policy and business meetings and network at receptions. 

At the upcoming Congressional City Conference in March, NBC-LEO will host a business meeting, a policy committee meeting and a networking open house. To attend and vote at these meetings, members will pay a participation fee of $165 when they register for the conference. 

Questions? Read through our FAQs or contact us at 

Join Now!

If you're not an NLC member or you're not an elected official, you can still join a constituency group by becoming a Supporting Member. However, you are not able to vote in elections or participate in some of the groups' activities. 

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NBC-LEO Summer Conference

2019 NBC-LEO Summer Conference

NBC-LEO's summer conference will be held July 17, 2019 - July 20, 2019 in Jackson, Mississippi. 

Click here for more information and to register today!

Meet the 2020 Officers

NBC-LEO is governed and led by five officers who set the tone for the year. 

President President-Elect
Carlie Jones small  
Carlie Jones
Forest Hill, TX
Russel C. Neal Jr.
Akron, OH


First Vice President Second Vice President Immediate Past President
Sharon Hurt


Angelia Graves_Norfolk


Sharon Hurt
Nashville, TN
Angelia Graves
Norfolk, VA

De'Keither Stamps
Jackson, MS

Board Roster

NBC-LEO 2020 Board of Directors

Carlie Jones, Councilmember, Forest Hill, TX

Russel C. Neal Jr, Councilmember, Akron, OH

First Vice President:
Sharon Hurt, Councilmember, Nashville, TN

Second Vice President:
Angelia Graves, Councilmember, Norfolk, VA

Joseph Jones, Councilmember, Cleveland, OH

Assistant Treasurer

Loren Taylor, Councilmember, Oakland, CA

Denise Mitchell, Councilmember, College Park, MD

Assistant Secretary:
Terolyn Watson, Councilmember, Fort Myers, FL

Jesse Matthews, Council President, Bessemer, AL

Estella Shabazz, Alderwoman, Savannah, GA

Shireka McCarthy, Councilmember, Seat Pleasant, Md. 

Immediate Past President:
De'Keither Stamps, Councilmember, Jackson, MS

Past Presidents

Deborah Denard Delgado, Councilmember, Hattiesburg, Miss.

Jacquelyn Johnson, Councilmember, East Orange, N.J.

Felicia A. Moore, Council President, Atlanta, GA.

James Mitchell, Jr., Councilmember, Charlotte, N.C.

Audwin Samuel, Councilmember, Beaumont, TX.

Hanifa Shabazz, Council President, Wilmington, DE.

De'Keither Stamps, Councilmember, Jackson, MS

Priscilla Tyson, Councilmember, Columbus, OH.


Directors At-Large

Brian Jackson, Councilmember, Jacksonville, NC

Kelly Porter, Council-member-at-large, Seat Pleasant, MD

Bobby L. Scott, Councilmember, Center Point, AL


Regional Directors

Region 1 (VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI)

  • Evette Hamilton, Alderwoman, New Haven, CT

Region 2 (Pa., N.J., N.Y.)

  • Derek Green, Councilmember, Philadelphia, PA.

Region 3 (Ky., Md., Del., Va., Washington, W. Va.)

  • Laurie-Ann Sayles, Councilmember, Gaithersburg, MD.

Region 4 (IN., OH.)

  • Julius Oliver, Councilmember, Youngstown, Ohio.

Region 5 (MI)

  • Brenda F. Moore, Councilmember, Saginaw, MI

Region 6 (IL)

  • Isiah Brandon, Trustee, Maywood, IL.

Region 7 (N.D., S.D., MN., WI.)

  • Chantia Lewis, Alderwoman, Milwaukee, WI.

Region 8 

  • Melissa Joi Robinson, Councilmember, Kansas City, MO

Region 9 (Ark., Idaho, Mont., Wash., Wyo.)

  • vacant

Region 10

  • Cedric Crear, Councilmember, Las Vegas, NV

Region 11 (Okla., N.M., Texas)

  • Jeffrey Boney Councilmember, Missouri City, TX.

Region 12 (Ark., Tenn.)

  • Demetrus Coonrod, Councilmember, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Region 13 (LA)

  • Joe Fuller, Councilmember, Alexandria, LA. 

Region 14 (Miss.)

  • Aaron Banks, Councilmember, Jackson, MS.

Region 15 (Ala.)

  • David Riddick, Councilmember, Anniston, AL.

Region 16 (Ga.)

  • Joyce Shepherd, Councilmember, Atlanta, Ga.

Region 17 (SC.)

  • Tameika Isaac Devine, Councilmember, Columbia, SC.

Region 18 (N.C.)

  • Quentin Jackson, Councilmember, Hertford, NC.

Region 19 (Fla.)

  • Beverly Williams, Commissioner, Lauderdale Lakes, FL.

Region 20 (Calif.)

  • vacant


NBC-LEO Foundation

Administered by the National League of Cities, the NBC-LEO Foundation, Inc. has as its mission to support and conduct non-partisan research, technical assistance, training, and educational and informational activities and programs to advance African American political participation at the local level, promote municipal employment of African Americans, and develop positive perceptions about government by African American citizens.

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