The National League of Cities (NLC) provides tools, resources and opportunities for engagement that can help your city, town or village through its housing challenges. From homelessness and housing stability, to expanding, preserving and improving the local housing supply, to implementing equitable development, explore NLC’s housing, homelessness and community development resources.  

NLC’s tools, resources and opportunities provide local leaders with foundational and applied knowledge to the most pressing housing and homeless issues facing cities today. Local leaders, through their NLC’s membership, can access: 

  • Original research  
  • Best and promising practices 
  • Technical assistance  
  • Dashboards and tools
  • Opportunities to work directly with our housing and community development experts

Locally Driven Housing Supply Solutions

The National League of Cities (NLC) and the American Planning Association (APA) have launched the Housing Supply Accelerator, a national campaign to advance and incentivize local approaches to land use, zoning and housing development and preservation. The campaign will focus on improving efforts locally to address housing needs and housing production goals, including local government and private-sector capacity, identifying critical solutions, and encouraging systemic changes that enable local elected officials and developers to work together.

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Resources to Address Your Housing Challenges

Today’s cities — urban, suburban and rural, and big and small — are faced with a number of diverse housing challenges. To help cities address their housing challenges, NLC has developed timely, critical and actionable resources. 

Hands-On Assistance

See how we are working with cities around America to improve housing, neighborhoods and communities in their area.

Want to learn more?

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