Hispanic Elected Local Officials (HELO)

HELOThe Hispanic Elected Local Officials (HELO) constituency group is a network and caucus within NLC that represents the interests of Hispanic and Latino local elected officials. Created in 1976, the caucus is a space for members to make meaningful connections with fellow Latino local officials, share best practices and advocate for policies that benefit their community. 

Member Benefits

Education and Training

HELO also serves as a tool for education and learning. Members meet three times annually: at City Summit, the Congressional City Conference and at HELO's annual leadership retreat. During the NLC conferences, members meet to develop policy positions and often host discussion panels on topics of importance to the Latino community; at the annual leadership retreat, members take a deeper dive into the issues that affect the Latino community and affect them as local leaders. 


HELO members come from all across America. From Bridgeport, CT to Mesa, AZ, each member brings a unique experience and point of view to the caucus. When members meet, they discuss the challenges they face, they ways they overcame them and the work they're doing to improve their communities. 

Policies and Positions

HELO prides itself on tackling current issues facing the Latino and Hispanic community. By providing guidance to the NLC Board of Directors and Federal Advocacy Committees, HELO guides and influences NLC's advocacy platforms. In recent years, the issues brought forth by HELO's Board of Directors have included the education of Hispanic youth, immigration reform, bilingual education, voting rights and minority business enterprise programs.

This year, HELO's agenda focuses on three priorities: 

  • The 2020 Census and the importance of gathering accurate data. 
  • Latino empowerment: how to mobilize more Latinos to vote at the local level. 
  • Immigration and trade reform: the effects of business trade on, and opportunities for, local economies.
Join HELO!

Joining a constituency group is an NLC member benefit. By joining a constituency group, you can receive policy and legislative updates, access to the group network and special updates related to NLC annual and summer conferences. 

Come conference time, you'll pay a one time participation fee at each conference to support the group's conference activities. This enables you to vote in elections, attend policy and business meetings and network at receptions. At the Congressional City Conference in March, HELO members will pay $40 to attend the HELO Panel Discussion and Annual Business Meeting.  

Questions? Read through our FAQs or contact us at constituencygroups@nlc.org. 

Join Now!

If you're not an NLC member or an elected official, you can still join a constituency group by becoming a Supporting Member. However, supporting members cannot vote in elections and have limited participate in group activities. 

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HELO Annual Leadership Retreat

HELO's Annual Leadership Retreat takes members to new cities every year. An opportunity for members to explore new cities and bring home new ideas, the retreat serves as a networking summit made for big ideas and in-depth leadership training. 

Information on the next annual retreat will be announced in early 2020. 

Meet the 2020 Officers

2020 Officers

The HELO Board of Directors is elected annually at the NLC City Summit from the group's membership. Each year, members are encouraged to submit their nominations for service on the Board. For information about Board nominations and an application form, review the Join Helo tab.

President First Vice President

Second Vice President

David Luna


Aidee Nieves Yolanda Trout-Manuel


David Luna
Mesa, Arizona

Aidee Nieves
Council President
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Yolanda Trout-Manuel
Auburn, Washington
Board Roster

HELO 2020 Board of Directors


David Luna, Councilmember, Mesa Ariz. (President)

Aidee Nieves, Council President, Bridgeport, Conn. (First Vice President)

Yolanda Trout-Manuel, Councilmember, Auburn, WA. (Second Vice President)

Lydia Martinez, City Clerk, Bridgeport, Conn. (Immediate Past President)

At-Large Board Members:

Robin Arredondo-Savage, Vice Mayor, Tempe, Ariz.

Daniel Corona, Mayor, West Wendover, NV

Clorinda Contreras Erives, Councilmember, City of Tolleson, AZ

Jeanette Herron, Councilmember, City of Bridgeport, CT

Corina Lopez, Vice Mayor, San Leandro, CA

Joel Navarro, Councilmember, Tempe, AZ

Rebecca Viagran, Councilmember, City of San Antonio, TX

Gilbert Villegas, Alderman, City of Chicago, IL


Advisory Council
Luis Quintana, Councilmember, Newark, N.J.
T. Oscar Trevino, Mayor, North Richland Hills, Texas