NLC Partnerships

City Night
City Night

NLC has many different types of partners, from corporate partners who are recognized as thought leaders and share best practices, to enterprise partners who provide value-added solutions and cost savings to cities and towns and their residents.



Corporate Partners

The National League of Cities Corporate Partners Program promotes the exchange of ideas between corporate leaders and the leaders of America's cities in order to strengthen local government, encourage economic competitiveness and promote corporate civic engagement.

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Savings and Solutions Programs

The National League of Cities is committed to helping city leaders build better communities. By building strategic partnerships and NLC-branded programs with select private sector companies and not-for-profit organizations, NLC offers products and services that provide value-added solutions and cost savings to cities and towns and their residents. NLC leverages its communications, conferences and other outreach vehicles to market these programs to the nation's 19,000 cities and towns, providing partnering organizations with access and visibility with municipal influencers and decision-makers.

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Engagement Opportunities

NLC offers companies and national nonprofit organizations a broad range of sponsorship opportunities that will link your brand with high visibility events, trusted online resources and targeted member groups. Two annual conferences, national and regional trainings, diverse group meetings, and other programs make it easy to reach your target audience and engage with local elected officials.

Upcoming Events to Sponsor:

Summer Board & Leadership Meeting: June 19-21, Cleveland, OH

Women in Municipal Government (WIMG) Conference: June 21-23, Cleveland, OH

Resilient Cities Summit: July 16-18, Stowe, VT

First Tier Council Meeting: July 19-21, Bellevue, WA

NBC-LEO Conference: July 19-22, Birmingham, AL

HELO Conference: August 23-26, Phoenix, AZ

NLC-U Leadership Summit/Big Ideas: October 2-5, San Diego, CA

City Summit: November 15-18, Charlotte, NC


Contact Lauren Bradley at (202) 626-3052 or

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RFQ - Citizen Engagement

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Citizen Engagement


Objective and Purpose


The National League of Cities (NLC) is dedicated to helping city leaders build better communities. NLC is a resource and advocate for 19,000 cities, towns and villages, representing more than 218 million Americans.  NLC also works with each of the 49 state municipal leagues.

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

NLC is requesting qualifications and information from qualified organizations to provide and host an array of mobile and online public engagement and customer response management tools.  The software applications should interface with city (city, town, village or municipality) residents and local city government.  The application will provide city residents with a platform to notify their local government of issues occurring in their locality.  It should be accessible via both an “app” and a “website”.

NLC is requesting this information in an effort to provide its member cities with a value-added service to help manage resident service requests, provide its citizens with a platform to engage with the city and improve overall customer service and resident satisfaction.  


Release of RFQ     May 8, 2017

Q&A                       May 8-12, 2017

Proposal Due         May 15, 2017

Decision                 May 31, 2017


NLC reserves the right to modify this schedule if in its sole discretion such modifications are necessary.




Proposals may be submitted by e-mail in a Microsoft Word or PDF format to Brian Levy at Or by U.S. mail to:

            Brian Levy

            Director Strategic Partnerships

            National League of Cities

            660 North Capitol Street NW

            Suite 450

            Washington, DC 20001


Proposals must be received no later than 5:00pm EDT on May 15, 2017.


Questions regarding this RFQ may be submitted via e-mail to Brian levy at from May 8-12.


  1. All proposals in response to this RFQ are to be the sole property of NLC. 
  2. Any product or solution developed under a contract awarded as the result of the RFQ is to be the sole property of NLC.
  3. NLC may amend or cancel the terms of this RFQ at any time prior to the execution of a signed contract.
  4. The vendor represents and warrants that the proposal is not made in connection with any other vendor (unless specifically stated and outlined) and is in all respects fair and without collusion and fraud.
  5. Any and all subcontractors must have prior approval of NLC.
  6. All responses to this RFQ must be answered.  Failure to comply may be considered appropriate cause for rejection.
  7. If a contract is awarded as a result of this RFQ, it will supersede all prior negotiations, representations or agreements, alleged or made, between the parties.
  8. NLC will meet with prospective company (or companies) prior to any award of contract to further review their product and applicability to its member cities.
  9. NLC reserves the right to reject any or all of the proposals submitted.
  10. All proposals must be signed by the vendor’s authorized official.  An email submission will suffice as a signed document by the sender.  Sender must be employed by vendor and be an officer of that company.
  11. NLC will not be liable for any costs incurred in the preparation of this RFQ response or in connection with any presentation or meeting prior to award.
  12. NLC makes no obligations to inform those companies that have submitted an RFQ, the factors for a potential contract award.  It is NLC’s intention to provide its member cities with a product/service that adds value to both a city and its residents.

Scope of Services

Company Information

  1. Company name
  2. Company address
  3. Company phone number
  4. Company website address
  5. Number of employees
  6. Primary contact name and title, phone number, email address
  7. Primary contact and/or group responsible for coordinating with each city
  8. Brief description of your company, including date of incorporation and geographic range
  9. Number of years you have been providing citizen engagement solutions
  10. Copy of the Company’s most recent audited financial statements
  11. Does your company work with any sub-contractors or other companies directly involved with servicing city accounts?

Scope of Services

  1. Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution
  2. Mobile Application (App)
    1. Solution must be accessible to iPhone and Android devices via an “app”.
    2. Should allow a resident to submit a description, photograph and location of a service request.
    3. Should include a tracking number for the service request.
    4. Residents should be able to view the status of any and all existing service requests.
    5. Residents should be able to follow an issue that they have reported or are interested in.
    6. City staff should be able to view service requests that are assigned to them and update their status remotely (including adding a photo of the resolved issue).
    7. Free to download
    8. Each city should be able to allow for an unlimited number of service requests as well as the ability to add new service requests types at any time.
    9. App should be distinct to each city with city name, branding, color schemes, etc.
    10. App should allow for city to add additional buttons as necessary to share information with residents.
  3. City Website Interface
    1. This should mirror App.
    2. Include a map interface that allows residents to view existing and recently resolved service requests.
    3. Ability for residents to be able to submit new requests.
    4. Ability for a resident to submit an anonymous request(s).
    5. Ability for website to mirror functionality of “app”.
  4. Facebook Integration
    1. Provide for the ability to integrate into a city’s Facebook page so that residents can submit new service requests and view existing service requests.
    2. This interface should mirror the website and “app” databases.
  5. City Work Order Management
    1. The solution must include a hosted CRM platform that will allow a city to deploy the solution to any and all departments within that city. 
    2. Ability to create new service request types and related secondary questions.
    3. Ability to automatically assign a service request to a specific department or staff member within a city.
    4. Send an email notification to specific staff members.
    5. Ability for city staff to easily create a new service request.
    6. Ability to search based upon address of reported issue.
    7. Ability to review service requests by type, source, status, assignee, geography, etc.
    8. Ability to manually assign to city staff member and add notes relating to issue.
    9. Ability to view service requests in a map view.
    10. Ability to export data into an Excel spreadsheet.
    11. Ability to generate a work order (electronically and print).  Work order to include: unique id#, address, service request type, secondary questions, description, date reported, date acknowledged, notes, etc.
    12. Ability to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section within the “app” or website.
  6. List Software Systems that Solution Integrates with
    1. Is the interface automatic or is there programming involved?
  7. Storage
    1. What is the length of time that records are active?
    2. Are records archived? If so, what is the period and how are records accessed?
    3. Are records stored in a backup site? Describe contingency plan.
  8. Scope of Work
    1. Provide brief outline of scope of work.

Cost of Services

  1. Provide breakdown of cost structure for each city. List should include pricing by city size, scope of work, interfaces, annual maintenance costs, users, etc.
  2. Outline payment terms.
  3. Do you provide financing and/or is there an organization that you partner with that does?
  4. Will your company provide a specific discount for services or other value-added options to NLC members?  If so, please describe offering.
  5. What are your billing options?

Customer Experience

  1. Does your company measure its clients’ customer satisfaction?  If so, please describe how.
  2. List your hours of operation.
  3. What is the average response time for customer inquiries?
  4. What is the average response time to resolve customer issues?
  5. Describe your conflict resolution process.
  6. What is your customer retention rate?


  1. What differentiates you from your competition?
  2. List your company’s competitive advantages.
  3. Describe your marketing strategies
  4. Who are your primary clients?


Company Experience

  1. How many cities currently utilize your platform?
  2. List five (5) city references.  Include name of city, city contact, phone number and e-mail address.
    1. List scope of work for each reference.




  1. Annual Conferences:
    1. If this RFQ turns into an awarded contract, it is expected that the provider will be present at both annual conferences: City Summit (November – location rotates throughout U.S.) and Congressional City Conference (March – Washington DC).   
    2. NLC will provide prospective partner with a no-cost booth/table/area to exhibit.
    3. NLC will promote vendor at conferences as a “Savings and Solution” provider.
    4. While not required, it is encouraged that provider will sponsor selected event(s) at conferences.
  2. Savings and Solutions Provider:
    1. Prospective partner will be identified as an NLC “Savings and Solutions” provider.
    2. Partner will be promoted through appropriate NLC outlets (print, website, etc.) as a “Savings and Solutions” provider.
    3. Partner will be promoted through interactions with member cities (in person events, phone, e-mail, etc.).
    4. It is recommended that NLC and prospective partner co-brand product/service, though not required.


  1. If a contract is awarded as a result of this RFQ, vendor will be expected to provide NLC with a Royalty annual payment.
  2. Payment may be disbursed to NLC quarterly.
  3. Payment will compensate NLC for the use of its brand and promotion of product to its member cities.
  4. Payment terms may encompass a flat royalty fee and/or combination of sales to member cities.
  5. Please outline how you would like the royalty fee structured citing specific examples.

Legal Notice

  1. NLC reserves the right to accept any Proposal, reject any or all Proposals, re-solicit other Proposals, and to issue a new RFQ or RFP in the event that all Proposals are rejected, or that NLC deems otherwise appropriate. Such a determination will be based solely on the judgment of NLC that such action is deemed the most advantageous for NLC Members and in the best interest of its members. NLC undertakes no obligation to inform any Respondent of the factors. NLC further reserves the right to accept, reject or negotiate modifications in any terms of a Respondent’s proposal or any part thereof. NLC also reserves the right to request additional information from individual Respondents, or to request all Respondents to submit supplemental materials in fulfillment of the content requirements for this RFQ, or to meet additional information needs of NLC. NLC also reserves the right to unilaterally waive any technical or format requirements contained in the RFQ. No offer of intent to enter into a contract with any party for the services described in this RFQ should be construed from this RFQ.
  2. Errors and Omissions
    1. Proposers shall not be allowed to take advantage of any error or omission in these specifications. The vendor is required to review these specifications carefully and notify NLC if any discrepancies exist.
  3. Additional Information
    1. The City reserves the right to request additional information from individual proposers, or to request all proposers to submit supplemental materials in fulfillment of the content requirements of this RFQ.


  1. If contract is awarded, provider will be required to furnish a Certificate of Insurance evidencing the following insurance coverage within fifteen (15) days of a selection.  Failure to maintain the required insurance will result in any contract termination.  In addition, vendor must adhere to any and all state and local insurance requirements above and beyond what is defined below.
    1. Commercial General Liability Insurance
      1. Vendor will provide and maintain for a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence and aggregate in coverage for bodily injury and property damage.
    2. Worker’s Compensation Insurance
      1. Vendor shall provide and maintain for a minimum coverage as follows:
        1. Bodily injury by accident - $100,000 each accident
        2. Bodily injury by disease - $500,000 policy limit
        3. Bodily injury by disease - $100,000 each employee
    3. Umbrella Liability Insurance
      1. Vendor shall provide and maintain for a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 per aggregate bodily injury and property damage.
    4. Professional Liability Insurance
      1. Vendor shall provide and maintain for a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 aggregate.
  2. Indemnification
    1. Vendor shall indemnify and hold harmless NLC and each city partner it contracts with.