Local leaders have a role in making sure their residents do not miss out on these funds. They can help residents understand their eligibility for these funds, where to get help to receive the funds and how to connect with safe banking products.

Refundable tax credits have been a crucial tool to help parents meet their families’ financial needs – paying bills, buying supplies for their children, or saving for their child’s future. Actions by local leaders can help stabilize family budgets, strengthen city budgets and support the growth of a city’s youngest residents.

The City of Alexandria shared what it is doing to connect more of its residents to the credit. Additionally, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ Get It Back Campaign shared successful outreach methods that cities of all sizes can use to connect more families to the Child Tax Credit.


Luke McGowan, Senior Advisor, The White House

Kate Garvey, Director of the Department of Community and Human Services, City of Alexandria

Roxy Caines, EITC Campaign Director, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Original event date: August 5, 2021