NLC Names Chairs for Member Councils

January 6, 2020 - (4 min read)

The National League of Cities has elected new leaders for its Member Councils, which represents the variety of communities that make up NLC membership. Individuals were elected during the 2019 City Summit conference in San Antonio, Texas.

“Our Councils are an important part of how NLC ensures that we are representing the diversity of our cities, towns, and villages,” said NLC President Joe Buscaino, councilmember, Los Angeles. “As the largest membership and advocacy organization for local elected officials, our Member Councils are where local officials bring together similar experiences but also share challenges – and best practices for addressing them.” 

First Tier Suburbs Council is made up of local elected officials representing a member city or town outside of central cities and inside the ring of developing suburbs and rural areas. First Tier Suburb Chairs elected for one year:

Chair:                  Adrian Hernandez, councilmember, Pearland, Texas

Vice-Chair:         Bryant DeLong, mayor pro tem, North Kansas City, Missouri  

Vice-Chair:         Janice Zahn, councilmember, Bellevue, Washington


Large Cities Council represents communities with populations of 200,000 or more. Large Cities Council chairs elected for one year:

Chair:             Brandon Todd, councilmember, Washington, DC

Vice-Chair:    Adam Medrano, councilmember, Dallas, Texas

Vice-Chair:    Amy Fowler, councilmember, Salt Lake City, Utah


Military Communities Council is open to local officials from municipalities that host or are near a military installation. Military Communities Council elected for one year:

Chair:                Wally Campbell, councilmember, Goodyear, Arizona

Vice-Chair:        Chantia Lewis, councilmember, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Vice-Chair:        Clayton Perry, councilmember, San Antonio, Texas


Small Cities Council is open to municipal officials from communities with populations of 50,000 or less. Small Cities Council chairs elected for one year:

Chair:                 Scott Maxwell, vice mayor pro tem, Lake Worth Beach, Florida

Vice-Chair:        Carroll “Lew” Watson, mayor, Lincoln, Alabama

Vice-Chair:        Joyce Downing, councilmember, Northglenn, Colorado


University Communities Council is made up of local elected officials with an institution of higher education within their borders or within adjacent municipalities. University Communities Council chairs elected for one year:

Chair:                  Gloria Betcher, councilwoman, Ames, Iowa

Vice-Chair:         Samuel Parham, mayor, Petersburg, Virginia

Vice-Chair:         David Baker, mayor, Kenmore, Washington


Council on Youth, Education and Families oversees and guides and oversees the work of the Institute of Youth, Education and Families. It is made up of local elected officials as well as youth members, and representatives from national organizations concerned about families and children.

Co-Chair:      Melvin Carter, mayor, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Co-Chair:      Rosalyn Bliss, mayor, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Vice-Chair:    Eric Guerra, vice mayor, Sacramento, California

Vice-Chair:    Frank Scott, mayor, Little Rock, Arkansas


Race, Equity And Leadership Council is made up of local elected officials working toward building a world where every local official is equipped to effectively lead and serve an inclusive and healthy community.

Co-Chair:     Kate Stewart, mayor, Takoma Park, Maryland

Co-Chair:     Lovely Warren, mayor, Rochester, New York

Vice-Chair:   Jake Spano, mayor, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Vice-Chair:   Victoria Woodards, mayor, Tacoma, Washington    

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