Small Cities Council

The Small Cities Council is open to municipal officials from member cities with populations of 50,000 or less. Participants share ideas and creative solutions to challenges affecting small cities. Participation in the Council ensures that the interests of small communities are reflected in NLC's advocacy efforts.

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Current Leadership


Vice Chair

Vice Chair

Marvin Johnson, Vice Chair Alfred Mae Drakeford, Vice Chair Maxwell

Marvin Johnson
Independence, Minn      

  Alfred Mae Drakeford
Camden, S.C.

Scott Maxwell
Vice Mayor 
Lake Worth, Fla. 

Council Objectives:

  • To be recognized as the voice and advocate for small cities
  • To serve as a resource for municipal officials from small cities
  • To recruit more small cities to become NLC members
  • To ensure that Council members are well-informed about the NLC and can be effective spokespersons about the role of small cities in NLC
  • To connect small cities to key NLC advocacy and policy development efforts
Snapshot of Small City Success

Snapshot of Small City Success, a new NLC report, showcases findings from NLC's extensive research program to provide an overview of small city fiscal and economic health as well as their leadership priorities. The report also offers six case studies looking at various service areas relevant to city government, including service consolidation, affordable housing, historic preservation, culture and the arts, and technology, among other topics.

The nation’s smaller cities and towns have a culture, vibrancy and uniqueness all their own.

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