First Tier Suburbs Council

The First Tier Suburbs Council is open to any local elected official representing a member city or town outside of central cities and inside the ring of developing suburbs and rural areas. Participants share ideas and creative solutions to challenges affecting first tier suburbs. Participation in the Council ensures that the unique needs of First Tier Suburbs are reflected in NLC’s advocacy efforts and policy discussions.



The First Tier Suburbs commissioned an economic development pilot project to help exurbs acquire pro bono economic analysis in 2019. The Mid-America Regional Council out of the Kansas City area won the grant and successfully hosted a one-day workshop on housing affordability. The product of that summit was a report that summarizes the challenges for the Kansas City area and recommendations for addressing. 

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Current Leadership


Vice Chair

Vice Chair

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Adrian Hernandez
Pearland, Texas

Lauren Tolmachoff
Glendale, Arizona

Janice Zahn
Bellevue, Washington


Council Objectives:

  • To be recognized as the voice and advocate for first tier suburbs
  • To be a resource to municipal officials from first tier suburbs
  • To engage first tier suburbs as active NLC members