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San Diego
San Diego

Open to any local elected official who represents an NLC member city with a population of 200,000 or more, the Large Cities Council shares ideas and successful strategies that solve challenges affecting large cities. By participating in the Large Cities Council, you gain access to a network of local leaders who work on issues that are relevant to your community. 

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Large Cities Housing Initiative

For large cities, creating and maintaining affordable housing has been a key priority for years. 

The crushing financial burdens on individuals and families seeking safe, good quality housing near employment opportunities and other amenities is a constant hurdle for city elected and appointed leaders to overcome. And while large cities like Phoenix, Cleveland and Los Angeles are creating policies and programs to expand hosing affordability, they need a partner in the federal government. 

What can you do?

NLC wants to better understand the needs of large cities when it comes to housing. Fill out the form and us about the challenges, obstacles and solutions your city has faced or developed, so we can create research, reports and best practices for cities.


There's more. 

Housing and community development is a key focus of NLC's upcoming City Summit Conference. Make sure you hear about the latest strategies and solutions by attending the conference and convening with fellow city leaders from across the country. 

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Vice Chair

Chair Vice Chair

Brandon Scott
Baltimore, Maryland

Jane Kim
San Francisco