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Vice President of Marketing and Acquisitions, Nicole Rongo

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Formed in 1987, CGI Communications, Inc. provides innovative marketing solutions to position communities for success in the digital age. CGI’s no-cost marketing programs are utilized by thousands of municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, and Economic Development Organizations throughout the United States and Canada. CGI’s satisfied clients in the private sector number in the tens of thousands.

The NLC Community Showcase Video Program, administered by CGI Communications, Inc. (CGI), provides a way for municipalities to effectively tell their story through the power of video and digital media tools…for FREE!

Whether you’re a small city, a thriving metropolis, or something in between, CGI’s products and services for Community Image Marketing highlight the best your community has to offer.

Resources for Cities

Video Tour

CGI works directly with your community to produce a series of videos for your official government website to help promote tourism, educate and welcome new families and residents, and attract new businesses.

The Video Tour includes a message from your mayor (or other civic leader), and has additional segments that highlight homes and real estate, education, health and wellness, parks and recreation, quality of life, business & industry, shopping & dining, and much more.

Community Organizations

In addition to the custom videos CGI will create about your community, they will also provide an overview video that depicts the important role non-profits play in enriching the quality of life for residents each day.

Non-profit organizations receive a FREE logo that links directly to their website, providing them with additional exposure through your community’s participation.