Telling Your City’s Story During COVID

August 25, 2020 - (3 min read)

By McKenzie Covell

It is no secret that COVID-19 has had a substantial impact on cities across the nation; from economic impacts to social disruption, communities are working around the clock to relieve these newfound pressures. We see how our localities are overwhelmed but there are still ways for cities to promote engagement. 

It is more important than ever that cities provide crucial information to those seeking it.  

According to the CDC, their website has received over 1.5 billion views as of July 16, 2020. Up-to-date website information is just as critical for cities, as online visitors are looking for local information and updates on COVID related topics.   

CGI’s AI-voice technology solution, Magellan, streamlines how website visitors find information. Using this technology, your citizens can efficiently search text and video through a voice-automated search bar.  

NLC Executive Director and CEO, Clarence Anthony, said it best: “To stay relevant in the modern digital age, it’s crucial for cities, towns, and villages to tell the story of their communities – where they have been, and most importantly, where they are going. Video is one of the most powerful mediums for telling these stories.” 

You may already be familiar with the NLC Community Showcase Video Program, but we now include specific chapters on pertinent topics such as resiliency, inclusion and diversity. Share the stories that make your citizens proud to live and work in your city. Showcase your rich history, culture, and future initiatives through a series of high-quality videos that capture the attention of residents, visitors and businesses.  

Speaking of businesses, they need and deserve every ounce of recognition they can get in times like these. Every business in your community will garner free exposure through a Community Business Guide that is linked to the video program. Give back to your local businesses by offering them a way to participate at no-cost.  

Have you already mastered your digital universe? Great job! We have a vibrant street-scape banner display that will enliven your key districts and main streets. Show your gratitude to essential workers, promote local historic figures, and proudly highlight resiliency through decorative banners.  

In times like these, it is important to be able to lean on each other. It is our mission to help cities and businesses persevere through economic and social adversity. Government leaders and businesses need to continue to work together to reach common goals. Cities are essential, and we are here to help you re-write the next chapter.  

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About the Author: McKenzie Covell, Marketing Associate, has been a valuable asset to the CGI Communications team. Her passion for developing and maintaining relationships has led her to a position where she is able to educate city officials on cost-free marketing initiatives to help promote their communities.