Access and Maximize Infrastructure Funds

Local governments are partners in rebuilding, reimagining and maintaining America’s infrastructure networks along with the federal government and states. Cities can seek out federal infrastructure funds for transportation, water, broadband, energy and much more in different programs.  

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Currently, there are four primary ways cities can access federal infrastructure funds from the federal government.  

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How Cities are Using their Funds

Learn how local governments of all sizes are utilizing federal investments to improve their communities.  

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Jackson’s Water Facility Plan Implementation
Jackson, MO 
Population: 14,893 

The Water Facility Plan Implementation Program will provide repairs and upgrades to an aging wastewater treatment plant and extend the life of the existing wastewater treatment site, while also expanding capacity to encourage community growth. Repairing the sewer interceptors will also reduce peak flows during storms and increase sewer capacity. Additionally, the creation of a new water tower and well will increase fire flows and increase water capacity.   

Pueblo’s Transit Expansion, Relocation and EV Transition 
Pueblo, CO
Population: 111,876

The Transit Expansion, Relocation and EV Transition project in the city of Pueblo will modernize the Pueblo Transit facility and strengthen its workforce through its expansion and relocation including land acquisition, construction, the initial transition to a low and no-emission fleet and training that will upskill transit workers, ensuring those who work on transit vehicles today are ready for the future.   

Columbus’ South Mobility and Pedestrian Crossing Study
Columbus, NE
Population: 24,028

 The Pedestrian Crossing Study will update 15-20 pedestrian crossings on major roadways throughout the city to ensure the safety of all pedestrians. The South Mobility Study will enhance pedestrian safety while also allowing for better traffic flow in congested areas.   

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  • The White House created a guidebook to help state, local, tribal, and territorial leaders understand what funding is available in the Bipartisan Infrastructure More. It includes program-by-program information.  
  • The Local Infrastructure Hub is a national program designed to connect cities and towns with the resources and expert advice they need to access federal infrastructure funding in order to drive local progress, improve communities, and deliver results for residents. Sign up for the next bootcamps here 

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