Earned Income Tax Credit in Your City

Earned Income Tax Credit in Your City
Earned Income Tax Credit in Your City

The YEF Institute has worked with city leaders to implement Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) outreach campaigns for more than 19 years. These campaigns have helped to raise awareness and increase claims of the EITC by low- and moderate-income residents.

As this work has grown, we’ve helped cities develop new partners with existing local Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) programs to help their residents access this important tax credit through a non-predatory source. Through these collective efforts, more than $60 billion in federal funds are brought back to local economies every year. In 2020 qualifying families with three or more children could receive $6,557.If you’re interested, we are happy to help you advance your work in this space. This online guide includes a draft press release, a template for emails to partners, a city proclamation template, and sample tweets and Facebook posts.



    Learn more about EITC Awareness Day

    On January 31, 2020, we are celebrating the annual EITC Awareness Day, with the IRS encouraging local governments, community organizations and other stakeholders to bring attention to the EITC and opportunities for free tax filing services through VITA.

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    Connect with your local EITC and VITA provider

    To connect with your local EITC and VITA providers contact your IRS Territory Manager.

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