2020 Leadership & Membership Application

2020 Leadership Application

Connected Leaders. Connected Communities

There are so many different ways to lead at NLC.  

  1. Be a National City Leader — Join our Board of Directors
  2. Shape National Municipal Policy — Join a Federal Advocacy Committee
  3. Advocate for Diversity in Cities — Join a Constituency Group
  4. Connect with Cities Like Yours — Join a Member Council

Serving as an NLC Board Member, Officer, Vice Chair, Chair or Member is one of the most rewarding ways for you as a municipal leader to bring your expertise to the service of cities, towns and villages at the national level. By representing your community and contributing your voice, you have the opportunity to impact the direction of the National League of Cities and even national policy.

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You can apply for up to three different groups.

  • Board of Directors (application closed Sept. 22)
  • Federal Advocacy Committees
    • Community & Economic Development

    • Energy, Environment & Natural Resources

    • Finance Administration & Intergovernmental Relations

    • Human Development

    • Information Technology & Communications

    • Public Safety & Crime Prevention

    • Transportation & Infrastructure Services

  • Member Councils
    • First-Tier Suburbs Council

    • Large Cities Council

    • Military Communities Council

    • Small Cities Council

    • University Communities Council

    • Council on Youth, Education, and Families

    • Race, Equity and Leadership (REAL) Council

  • Constituency Groups
    • Hispanic Elected Local Officials (HELO)

    • National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO)

    • Women in Municipal Government (WIMG)

    • Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials (APAMO)

    • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Local Officials (LGTBTLO)



Leadership applications: August 11 – September 22

  1. Login to your MyNLC account and update your profile (important sections to update include: full profile, contact information, expertise and interests). Note: MyNLC account must be for applicant.
  2. Pay membership dues — your city must be an active member paid in full to apply. If your city is not a current member, contact NLC Membership.    
  3. Get references — reach out to your State Municipal League, city official peers and other professional colleagues.
  4. Update your professional resume and biography.
  5. Write your personal statement about what makes you a good fit for the role.

Not sure if you have an NLC account? Please contact NLC Membership for verification at membership@nlc.org.

To access the application, click the APPLY HERE button below, then select the Membership Application tab highlighted in yellow on the menu.




To be eligible to serve in a leadership position, the applicant must:

  • Submit an application form electronically by Sept. 22, 2020 for any available position. 
  • Be from an NLC direct or affiliate member city;
  • If you are applying to a Member Council, Constituency Group, or Federal Advocacy Committee, you must:
    • Be a current member of NLC, with up-to-date and paid membership dues and activity fees when applicable at time of application;
    • If elected, participation in Committee and Council convenings is highly encouraged or required of members.

Need information about the NLC Board of Directors?
Please review this important information regarding applications for NLC Officers and Board of Directors.



Still need clarification on the leadership and membership application process? Send us a question!

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