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The Sustainable Cities Institute (SCI) serves to catalyze, inform, support, and celebrate the efforts of local government and their leaders.

The Sustainable Cities Institute gives guidance and information to local governments that want to pursue sustainability—in their own operations as well as across the communities where they govern. This commitment to sustainability will challenge local leaders to find the best long-term solutions for balancing environment, equity and economy. To implement these solutions local government leaders will need to prepare their communities for change. SCI is committed to helping cities succeed at these community building efforts by providing information on sustainable principles and practices illustrated by case studies about what other communities are doing. Serving as both an online toolbox and an active provider of technical assistance, the Sustainable Cities Institute helps NLC members foster more livable, sustainable, and resilient communities.

Cities Harnessing the Sun: Solar Designation and Consulting Services through SolSmart

The Sustainable Cities Institute is proud to be part of the SolSmart team, helping cities throughout the United States capitalize on a booming solar energy market and providing citizens the option of more affordable and accessible renewable energy. SolSmart, funded by U.S. Department of Energy, is designed to nationally recognize local solar achievements. Additionally, SolSmart will empower new communities to become solar leaders and achieve national designation through no-cost technical assistance provided by the Sustainable Cities Institute and a team of national solar experts. Our team will work with elected officials, city staff, and community members to help cities update their solar processes using established best practices. 

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Leadership in Community Resilience Program

The Sustainable Cities Institute at the National League of Cities has launched the Leadership in Community Resilience program, bringing together 10 cities to help local officials, city staff, and community partners share their experiences and advance local resilience efforts. Visit this site for updates as the pilot project runs through the end of 2017.

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