NLC is governed by a board of directors that is comprised of four officers (president, first vice president, second vice president, and immediate past president), all past presidents still in local government service, eight state league directors, seven advocacy committee chairs, and forty at-large members.

The president, first vice president, and second vice president are elected to one-year terms during the annual business meeting, and twenty local elected officials are elected to serve two-year terms as at-large members of the board. An elected official must currently hold elected office in an NLC-member city to serve in a leadership position.

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NLC 2018 Board of Directors


Mark Stodola
Mayor, Little Rock, Arkansas

First Vice President

Karen Freeman-Wilson
Mayor, Gary, Indiana
Mark Stodola Karen Freeman-Wilson

Second Vice President

Joe Buscaino
Councilmember, Los Angeles, California

Immediate Past President

Matt Zone
Councilmember, Cleveland, Ohio
Joe_Buscaino_2_200x250.jpg Matt Zone

CEO/Executive Director


Clarence E. Anthony
Former mayor of South Bay, Florida, and former NLC president

Past Presidents
  • Melodee Colbert-Kean, Councilmember, Joplin, Missouri
  • Christopher B. Coleman, Mayor, Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Ted Ellis, Mayor, Bluffton, Indiana
  • James Mitchell, Councilmember, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Brian J. O'Neill, Councilmember, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2018 Board of Directors
  • Denise "D. D." Adams, Councilmember, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Cyndy Andrus, Deputy Mayor, Bozeman, Montana
  • Karen Best, Mayor, Branson, Missouri
  • Gyna Bivens, Councilmember, Fort Worth, Texas (Community & Economic Development Chair)
  • JoAnne Bush, Mayor, Lake Village, Arkansas
  • Tim Burton, Montana League of Cities and Towns
  • Wally Campbell, Councilmember, Goodyear, Arizona
  • Maura Carroll, Vermont League of Cities and Towns
  • Valerie Cooper, Councilmember, Norristown, Pennsylvania
  • Jerry Deschane, League of Wisconsin Municipalities
  • Cynthia Donald, Councilmember Pro Tem, Bessemer, Alabama
  • Dennis (Denny) Doyle, Mayor, Beaverton, Oregon
  • Alfred Mae Drakeford, Mayor, Camden, South Carolina
  • Oliver Gilbert, Mayor, City of Miami Gardens, Florida
  • Jasmine Gore, Councilmember, Hopewell, Virginia
  • Larry Green, Councilmember, Houston TX, Houston, Texas
  • Wes Henderson, Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities
  • Karen Johnson, Councilmember, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Leon Johnson, Mayor, Ocoee, Florida
  • Carlie Jones, Councilmember, Forest Hill, Texas
  • Jungus Jordan, Councilmember, Fort Worth,  Texas
  • John Kinnaird, Councilmember, Waco, Texas (Finance, Administration & Intergovernmental Relations Chair)                             
  • David Luna, Vice Mayor, Mesa, Arizona
  • Kathy Maness, Town Council, Lexington, South Carolina
  • Levon Manzie, Councilmember, Mobile, Alabama
  • Doris McConnell, Councilmember, Shoreline, Washington
  • Richard Montgomery, Councilmember, Manhattan Beach, California
  • Joel Navarro, Councilmember, Tempe, Arizona
  • Pam O'Connor, Councilmember, Santa Monica, California (Transportation & Infrastructure Services Chair)
  • Frank Ortis, Mayor, Pembroke Pines, Florida
  • Salvatore Panto, Mayor, Easton, Pennsylvania
  • Bill Peloza, Councilmember, Auburn, Washington
  • Sean Polster, Councilmember, Warrenton, Virginia (Public Safety & Crime Prevention Chair)
  • Cynthia Pratt, Deputy Mayor, Lacey, Washington (Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Chair)     
  • Joel Price, Councilmember, Thousand Oaks, California
  • Jermaine Reed, Councilmember, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Gary Resnick, Mayor, Wilton Manors, Florida (Information Technology & Communications Chair)
  • Tito Rodriguez, Councilmember, North Richland Hills, Texas    
  • Andy Ryder, Mayor, Lacey, Washington
  • Erik Sartorius, League of Kansas Municipalities
  • Gerri Schroder, Councilmember, City of Henderson, Nevada
  • Hanifa Shabazz, City Council President, Wilmington, Delaware
  • Ken Smith, Alabama League of Municipalities
  • Jon Steiner, Kentucky League of Cities
  • Matt Surrency, Mayor, Hawthorne, Florida
  • Shari Veazey, Mississippi Municipal League
  • Vince Williams, Mayor, Union City, Georgia
  • Patrick Wojahn, Mayor, College Park, Maryland
  • PC Wu, Councilmember, Pensacola, Florida
  • Gil Ziffer, Mayor Pro Tem, Tallahassee, Florida (Human Development Chair)