During this event, NLC launched the first report, Future of Cities: Reenvisioning Retail, in a three-year initiative on the Future of Cities

Key takeaways include:

  • Experience-based retail is the future. Consumer trends show a preference in spending for experiences more so than physical goods themselves. This also means that the types of retail jobs will change as successful retailers proactively plan for a shift in their business model and workforce.
  • Emerging technologies are revolutionizing the retail industry. As retailers embrace these new technologies, there will be a continued need to work hand-in-hand with local governments to determine their proper use and benefits to the broader community.
  • Mixed-use retail spaces are on the rise in U.S. metro regions. As retailers integrate more into decentralized, neighborhood-based locations to meet customers where they are, the demand for mixed-use commercial spaces for retailers large and small will continue to grow.

Original event date: 6/24/21