The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the many layers of inequality that have always existed in our society. Whether it is disparities in access to education, childcare, unemployment benefits or vaccine distribution, communities of color, especially black communities, were burdened with how they were going to make it through the pandemic.  

In this session, women from NLC’s Women in Municipal Government (WIMG), National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (NBC-LEO) and the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative (NOBEL) Women discuss  the path to public office, legislating in uncertain times and how state and local elected officials can work together. 

The conversation was moderated by Leader Karen Camper, national president, NOBEL Women; Leader, Tennessee General Assembly.  


  • Assemblywomen Alicia Hyndman, Eastern Region Coordinator, NOBEL Women; Assemblymember, New York State Assembly. 
  • Representative Kamia Brown,-South Region Coordinator, NOBEL Women; Representative, Florida House of Representatives.
  • Councilmember Sharon Hurt, First Vice President, NBC-LEO; Councilmember, Nashville, TN 
  • Councilmember Tameika Isaac Devine, NLC Board of Directors, Boardmember, WIMG, Regional Director, NBC-LEO; Councilmember, Columbia, SC

Original event date: August 12, 2021