NLC’s Council on Youth, Education, and Families guides the YEF Institute’s work. 

The membership of the YEF Council, unlike any other NLC committee or council, is composed of not only local elected officials but also youth members and representatives from major national organizations concerned about children and families. 

As the Institute for Youth, Education and Families celebrates over 20 years of work with city leaders, the YEF Council aims to guide, support and elevate this important work. The continued amplification of not only the voices of elected officials but also those of youth leaders ensures that children and families are centered in the work of NLC. 

Council Objectives

peer learning and networking

To create peer learning and networking opportunities for elected municipal leaders and youth leaders who are interested in issues related to children, youth and families 

stimulate and support

To stimulate and support effective city leadership on behalf of children, youth and families 

assist and promote

To assist cities, State Municipal Leagues, NLC and its YEF Institute in promoting best practices that address the needs of children, youth and families

elevate voices and strategies

To elevate the voices of city and youth leaders in broader discussions of the needs of children, youth and families and local strategies for responding to them 

Teacher assisting students, in the library

Membership and Leadership

The YEF Council welcomes new members throughout the year. The group meets in person at the Congressional City Conference and City Summit. There is no extra cost for NLC members to join. 

Leadership nominations for the council are solicited every Fall. Elected leaders begin their term by the following City Summit.

For information about leadership nominations and membership application form, click “Join the YEF Council”.

Looking to join as a youth member? Download the application here!

NLC invites any youth leader who serves on a city’s youth council, commission, or advisory board and who is also currently enrolled as a high school sophomore or junior to nominate himself or herself for appointment to NLC’s Council on Youth, Education, and Families. The NLC President will appoint up to four young people from nominees for 12-month terms. Youth may be reappointed for an additional year based upon successful completion of his or her first term.

Current Leadership

Melvin Carter

Mayor – Saint Paul, Minnesota

Rosalynn Bliss

Mayor – Grand Rapids, Michigan