Infrastructure investment is essential to moving America forward. Yet, so much of our nation’s infrastructure needs to be repaired and modernized to meet today’s demands. Local governments and states have stepped up over the past 10 years with more than $3.8 trillion in municipal bonds to address their most pressing infrastructure needs. However, a $2 trillion infrastructure funding gap remains for our nation’s transportation and water networks. This number does not reflect the costs of expanding broadband access, addressing climate change, and investing in workforce development and training programs. The costs of continued inaction are staggering. Congress must prioritize strategic investments in our infrastructure to support a growing and strong economy.   

Right now, in our country, 91% of cities report insufficient funding as their top concern and delaying critical infrastructure investments. That’s right – 9 out of every 10 American cities and towns could use federal support to get their major systems back into decent condition, and each and every one of them could support local jobs and open up new opportunities in these places all across the country.

NLC calls on Congress to directly invest in cities, towns and villages and empower local leaders to tackle the needs of their communities today and prepare for a better future. Together, we can fix America’s infrastructure.

Key Infrastructure Priorities

Rebuild Transportation Connectivity

Invest in Water and Climate Resilience

Support Broadband Access for All Communities

Invest in Workforce and Skills Development

Infrastructure Legislation in Congress

NLC Action

Make Your Voice Heard

  • Leaders in cities, towns and villages helped make an infrastructure possible in Washington after years of advocacy, and now is the time to push the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act over the finish line! Make your voice heard.

Site Visit Template

  • Interested in sharing your community’s story about infrastructure projects? View our site visit template for resources for hosting a site visit this August.

Ready to Rebuild

  • NLC met with city leaders across the country to spotlight critical local infrastructure projects that need additional funding beyond what cities are able to shoulder. This report offers valuable stories that call on Congress to partner with local governments to improve America’s communities.

About the Federal Action Agenda 

The NLC Advocacy Center takes a proactive approach to the decisions and policies coming out of Washington, D.C. In response to those decisions, we have created the Federal Action Agenda as a resource for the latest information and to provide recommendations on how member cities could best respond and implement. Find our up-to-date recommendations and priorities in the Federal Action Agenda