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Sep 29
  • Leadership & Management

Patrick Ibarra will serve as the facilitator for the 2014 Annual Leadership Summit, "Leading through Innovation," to be  hosted by the city of Mountain View, CA, and held on August 13-16 at the Santa Clara Hilton.

“To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” - Thomas Edison

Playing it safe is no longer playing it smart. Elected officials are under intense pressure to…

Sep 09
  • Mental Health
  • Health & Wellness
  • Health Care

The candidate’s positions on veterans’ issues are notably distinct.

by Elisha Harig-Blaine

Earlier this week, voters had the opportunity to hear directly from Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump on how they would handle national security and veterans’ issues during NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum.

While the bulk of questions and answers focused on foreign policy and…

Sep 09
  • Advocacy
  • Federal

America’s challenges will get worse without the support and commitment of the next administration to city issues.

by Carolyn Coleman

For over a year, the nation – and the world – has been wrapped up in the contest for the highest office in the land. We’ve seen 17 Republican presidential hopefuls whittled down to a businessman billionaire. We’ve seen a political revolution…