The National League of Cities (NLC) has policy experts on a range of issues that local leaders from across the country face in their communities. If you are a member of the media looking to interview one of our policy experts, or are interested in inviting a policy expert to speak at an event, please email

Michael Bartlett

Program Manager, Post-Secondary Success Basic Needs Initiative

Denise Belser

Program Director, Economic Opportunity and Financial Empowerment

Carolyn Berndt

Legislative Director, Sustainability

James Brooks

Director for Infrastructure, Transportation and Solutions

Seantae Byers

Senior Executive and Director, Member and Partner Engagement

Dana D’Orazio

Director, Leadership Development and Continuing Education

Shawna Davie

Director, Race, Equity and Leadership (REAL)

Kirby Gaherty

Program Manager, Justice Reform & Youth Engagement

Lena Geraghty

Director of Sustainability and Innovation

Michael Gleeson

Legislative Director, Finance, Admin & Intergovernmental Relations

Heidi Goldberg

Director, Economic Opportunity and Financial Empowerment

Patrick Hain

Program Manager, Financial Empowerment

Lauren Lowery

Director, Housing and Community Development

Stephanie Martinez-Ruckman

Legislative Director, Human Development

Andrew Moore

Director, Youth and Young Adult Connections

Farhad Kaab Omeyr

Program Director, Research & Data

Yucel Ors

Legislative Director for Public Safety

Angelina Panettieri

Legislative Manager, Information Technology and Communications

Sue Polis

Director, Health and Wellness

Tonja Rucker

Director, Early Childhood Success

Anthony Santiago

Director, Program & Partnership Development

Jennifer Steinfeld

Director, Entrepreneurship & Economic Development

Bela Spooner

Program Director, Education & Expanded Learning

Michael Wallace

Legislative Director, Community & Economic Development

Anna White

Program Manager, Early Childhood Success

Nancy Zuech Lim

Program Manager, Early Childhood Success