Connecting Youth and Young Adults to School, Work and Civic Life

The Reengagement Network is committed to raising awareness and supporting city leaders and communities in improving outcomes for the millions of youth and young adults between 16 -24 years old who are not in school or working. For a growing number of sites across the country, NLC staff help share and adopt practices that

  • promote peer learning,
  • reengage youth and young adults who are disconnected,
  • improve support systems,
  • and remove obstacles to educational advancement.

The rapid transition to virtual schooling and related conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic led many students to disengage. It also prompted creativity and adaptation of local reengagement and support strategies. In addition to tools primarily focused on the preexisting opportunity youth population, NLC now provides new resources tailored for the process of rebuilding amidst the pandemic and beyond.

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Resources from NLC and supporting organizations

Here are some resources that were made possible by the NLC Reengagement Network.

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