This fall, the National League of Cities (NLC) and Local Infrastructure Hub launched a series of bootcamps designed to help small and mid-sized local governments take advantage of the grant opportunities available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Hundreds of communities have already taken advantage of these free trainings – and more are on the way!

In January, NLC and the Local Infrastructure Hub will kick off five new bootcamps to provide resources and training for communities interested in securing federal grant funds to address sustainable infrastructure needs. The new bootcamps include:

Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant Program

Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant Program ($550 million available)

Helps communities implement strategies to reduce fossil fuel emissions; implement renewable energy projects; and improve energy efficiency in the transportation, building, and other appropriate sectors. *Please note that the bootcamp will be focused on technical assistance for cities with populations of 35,000 and above, or from representatives of cities from the ten most populous cities within each state. Other communities will be eligible to apply for this program through their state, and support for those communities will be available from the Local Infrastructure Hub at a later date.

Charging & Fueling Infrastructure Grants

Charging & Fueling Infrastructure Grants ($2.5 billion available)

Helps communities address electric vehicle (EV) charging needs for a growing market of passenger vehicles and light duty trucks. Under the community charging program, $1.25 billion will be available for installing EV charging and alternative fuel in locations like public roads, schools, parks, and in publicly accessible parking facilities. These grants will prioritize rural areas, low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, and communities with low ratios of private parking or high ratios of multiunit dwellings.

Safe Streets and Roads for All

Safe Streets and Roads for All ($5 billion available)

Photo taken in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
  • Action Planning: Hundreds of action planning grants ranging from $200,000 to $5 million will be available for developing or updating a comprehensive safety action plan to prevent roadway deaths and serious injuries. This grant is appropriate for communities of all sizes who can apply independently or with other local governments or their Metropolitan Planning Organization.
  • Implementation: Up to 100 implementation grants ranging from $3 million to $30 million will be available for carrying out projects and strategies identified in an “action plan” to prevent roadway deaths and serious injuries. *Please note that eligible applicants should have completed an action plan and should have ownership and/or maintenance responsibilities over a roadway network, have safety responsibilities that effect roadways, or have agreement from the agency that has ownership and/or maintenance responsibilities for the roadway within the applicant’s jurisdiction so that the implementation can move forward.

Brownfields ($1.5 billion available)

Brownfields grant bootcamp will focus on communities seeking site assessment, cleanup, or multipurpose grants for brownfield sites – sites with known or possible contamination from prior use. Multipurpose grants provide funding for communities to carry out a range of eligible assessment and cleanup activities and allow recipients significant flexibility

Bootcamps are designed to help communities develop competitive funding applications for federal grants with an emphasis on helping traditionally underserved small and mid-sized cities and towns. With at least 30 courses available in this two-year project, each of the courses will run for an average of four months, with live learning sessions taught by subject matter experts, along with coaching sessions, office hours, and opportunities for peer learning. Participating cities should plan to devote several hours of active participation to the program each month and will be guided through the process of how to execute a community engagement strategy, ground applications in data, assemble a budget, and ultimately write winning grant applications that are tailored to specific grant opportunities. 

Upon program completion, participating local governments will be able to submit compelling grant application packages that are grounded in data, feature detailed project plans, and include relevant policy objectives. 

While fall 2022 bootcamp participants are eligible for the new offerings made available in January, spots remain limited to the first few hundred cities to register. Billions of dollars are available to transform communities around the country – get started by registering before December 9, 2022!