Turning Crisis In Pathways to Equity & Resiliency

America’s local officials are providing exceptional leadership amidst the unprecedented triple crises: A global pandemic that laid bare chronic injustices in our country, economic devastation to business owners and workers, and an urgent pervasive call for the end of systemic and structural racism. Long-standing inequities in healthcare, finances, education, housing, public safety, nutrition and other human needs are revealed in those who are hit the hardest by COVID-19. 

Local officials can seize the moment to change power structures, policies and systems that have blocked opportunities for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and marginalized communities over generations. The National League of Cities, through its latest Cities of Opportunity initiative, aims to help local leaders address holistic, interconnected factors that affect life expectancy and help build resilient futures for all residents.


  • Infuse race equity into their city’s strategy plan and economic development agreements. 
  • Leverage assets and resources with health systems, public health, community-based organizations, businesses and other partners to improve people’s health and the city’s economy.
  • Align across city government departments, functions and levels to better serve residents and deploy limited resources for fair and just impact.
  • Apply data and evidence to tailor efforts to communities at greatest risk and build back a more inclusive and resilient city.
  • Improve governance structures, processes and policies for sustained systemic change.
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