Join us for the “Working with Water Utilities: Critical Partnerships for Building Community Resilience” webinar where WaterNow Alliance Executive Director Cynthia Koehler will facilitate a conversation with local leaders on federal funding opportunities for resilient and distributed water infrastructure. City leaders are essential leaders in stewardship of water resources. Ninety-five percent or more of water infrastructure spending occurs at the community level, and 87 percent of people nationwide are served by public water utilities. While federal and state agencies have a vital role, the policies, strategies and priorities established by local leaders have the power to fundamentally shift how we think about and use water. 

This webinar is part of the “Building Critical Partnerships for Community Resilience” series, which explores local approaches to community resilience through the lens of partnerships. Each webinar in this series highlights essential relationships for addressing obstacles city leaders face when it comes to building a climate-ready future for all.