Far too many children suffer the long-term impacts of unhealthy housing. Lead exposure in home environments contribute to lifelong cognitive challenges and asthma triggers disrupt learning and work for millions of vulnerable families nationwide.  

NLC is launching a new Healthy Housing Local Action Challenge (HHLAC) to empower cities to address these issues. The challenge, in partnership with the National Center for Healthy Housing, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, and ChangeLab Solutions, aims to provide a structured pathway and recognition for cities seeking to reduce home-based health hazards such as lead and asthma triggers. For cities seeking additional peer learning and technical assistance, the Community of Practice is a facilitated opportunity for HHLAC participants to work with a higher level of support.  

Join this session with city and community leaders, along with national partners, to be the first to access new resources and be recognized for implementing policies, programs, and practices to ensure safe, healthy housing through the Local Action Challenge and Community of Practice in detail.

Register to learn how your city can join the challenge to take action to improve health in your community and engage with housing practitioners nationwide through NLC.