Introduction to Young Adult Justice and System Interventions

Young people, between the ages of 18-26 (young or emerging adults), experience disproportionately more arrests, probation revocations and reincarcerations than the rest of the adult population. 

A just, safe and equitable future demands that local and national policymakers, practitioners, advocates and community leaders understand and act on young adults’ unique characteristics and needs.

Join us for this three-part webinar series where experts, using local examples, will explore content included in the Young Adult Justice: A Nationwide Inventory of Policy and Practice report, which NLC released in 2022 with the support of Loyola University of Chicago.

Speakers Include:

•    Lisa Jacobs and Sarah Free of Loyola University of Chicago
•    Karlos Lloyd of Heartland Alliance
•    Nigel Bowe of JEVS Human Services 
•    Tanya Tijerina of the Albuquerque Young Adult Court

Upcoming Events

Following is the final webinar in the series.

  • The Future of Young Adult Justice: Bright Spots and Challenges | 3:30 p.m. (ET) Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2023