Leading in the Moment Vlog Episode 6: Building Your Mindful Leader Toolkit


  • Dana D’Orazio
March 2, 2023 - (3 min read)

You Are Worth It – Showing Up for Yourself & Your Team

In this episode of Leading in the Moment, I spoke with Lindsey Kugel, Executive Director of Search Inside Yourself Institute or SIYLI.  Initially a program incubated at Google, SIYLI has grown into a worldwide training program and company focused on mindfulness and neuroscience informed strategies to support leaders and changemakers. In our conversation we explore the value of showing up, of stillness and of resourcing ourselves so we can resource others.  

Having a practice for yourself to be still, to not produce, do or create is counter to our culture of nonstop motion and production. Lindsey shares her own journey as a leader and a mom and how she uses mindfulness as her way to celebrate stillness and practice resourcing herself. The outcomes of this practice have been the ability to prioritize, focus her attention and be intentional, not just with her time, but also her decision-making.  For her it’s a moment to not be driven by what can feel like a frenzied to-do list but take a calmer, focused approach to each task at hand.  

Lindsey offers an invitation  to us all, to know we are worth it- worth making time for in service to not just ourselves, but to those we lead. In our discussion Kelly shares the tangible benefits she and other leaders have seen through their mindful leadership work with SIYLI and personal mindful practices. Listen to learn more! 

Lastly, your resourcing and your practices are individual and yours. The goal is to learn and diversify your strategies so you can truly build your toolbox for your leadership, your day-to-day and your team. This is not a one size fits all approach to leading but rather a multitude of mini or micro practices steeped in stillness, reflection, and mindfulness to help you not just survive your day but truly be present and whole as a leader.  

If you want to dip a toe in and try a simple practice of showing up please join the NLC community any Tuesday to practice a 15-minute meditation (no experience needed) and be sure to check out the many SIYLI offerings that might contribute to your leadership tool kit to lead in the moment- whole and well. 

This vlog is part of NLC’s “Leading in the Moment” series, which focuses on the impact that mindfulness can have on leaders in local government and beyond. 

About the Author

Dana D’Orazio

About the Author

Dana D’Orazio is the Director of Leadership, Development & Continuing Education at the National League of Cities.