City of the Future

The City of the Future initiative is a multi-year research project analyzing five different factors that will shape the evolution of cities in the coming decades including:  technology, workforce automation, culture and demographicseconomics, and climate


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 The Future of Work in Cities

 The latest report in our City of the Future series examines societal shifts and advancements in technology that are impacting the rapidly changing  American workforce. The report outlines solutions to help city leaders plan for the fast-approaching future, while forecasting the economic viability of  two distinct sectors - retail and office administration - in which a quarter of Americans are currently employed.




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 City of the Future: Technology & Mobility

 We have discovered widening gaps between innovation in the private sector, the expressed preferences of citizens, and the visions of city planners  regarding transportation investment.  For instance, many transportation plans which project outcomes decades into the future focus almost  exclusively on the problem of automobile congestion and prescribe increased infrastructure in the form of new roads as the primary cure. Experts  and trends, however, point to a future that will be increasingly multi-modal. 

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