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Sep 23

The National League of Cities recently joined First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House to announce that 500 cities, towns and counties are now participating in the Let's Move! Cities, Towns and Counties (LMCTC) initiative.

A key part of the first lady’s Let’s Move! initiative, LMCTC helps local elected officials, their staff and communities in their efforts to ensure all…
Sep 23

This article is the third in a series of mobile workshop spotlights, presented by the City of Nashville ahead of the 2015 Congress of Cities and Exposition. Join NLC in Nashville this November, and sign up for mobile workshops to go on an educational tour highlighting successful programs and ideas unfolding in and around Nashville.

Nashville was at a crossroads in early 2009; it needed…

Sep 23
Press Release
Press Release
  • Economic Development

Mayor Eric Garcetti welcomes city economic development leaders focused on building equitable ecosystems.

LOS ANGELES—The National League of Cities (NLC) convened more than 50 economic development staff from 20 large cities across the U.S. in Los Angeles Tuesday for a two-day summit dedicated to supporting startups and small businesses and strengthening local…

Sep 22

The State and Local Legal Center (SLLC) files Supreme Court amicus curiae briefs on behalf of the Big Seven national organizations representing state and local governments.

*Indicates a case where the SLLC has or will file an amicus brief.

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The Supreme Court’s last term was big for local governments because the Court decided a number of important cases…

Sep 21
Press Release
Press Release
  • Leadership & Management

National League of Cities (NLC) President Ralph Becker, mayor, Salt Lake City, Utah, has appointed a 15-member Nominating Committee that will be responsible for recommending officers and board members to lead NLC in 2016. These leaders will be elected during the Annual Business Meeting at the Congress of Cities Conference in Nashville, Tenn., on Saturday, November 7, 2015.

NLC Past…

Sep 18

This is a guest blog post by Councilmember Melodee Colbert-Kean.

People in Joplin, Mo., know how to adapt to change.

Our city got its start in 1873 as a mining boom town, and we’ve been growing and changing ever since. We’ve seen Bonnie and Clyde, built our Main Street around historic Route 66, and became a diverse, developed city with a beautiful network of parks and museums.…

Sep 16

WASHINGTON — The National League of Cities (NLC) joined First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House today to announce that 500 cities, towns and counties have committed to the five goals in the Let's Move! Cities, Towns and Counties (LMCTC) initiative since July 2012. This historic milestone was announced at a celebratory event honoring the achievements made by local elected officials…

Sep 15

School resource officers and other police officers in schools can play a crucial role in affecting positive youth outcomes and improving public safety.

(Andersen Ross/Getty Images)

Police officers who respond to the developmental and mental health needs of youth in an informed and age-appropriate way help ensure the safety of everyone in schools, from students to teachers and…

Sep 15

NLC’s Municipal Leadership for Juvenile Justice Reform project is increasing the capacity of city officials to address the needs of runaway youth and keep them out of the juvenile justice system. Join us for our upcoming webinar, Opportunities for City Leaders to Improve Outcomes for Runaway Youth Without Juvenile Justice System Involvement.

Life on the streets ain't easy. (nathan4847/…

Sep 11
  • Advocacy
  • Federal
In this issue: Get Involved: Become A Federal Advocacy Committee Member Progress Still Needed on E-Fairness Legislation Local Officials Seizing Bully Pulpit on Transportation to get a Better Deal for Cities and Towns New Resources on Supreme Court Sign Case Now Available  EPA Clean Water Rule in Effect in 37 States White House Acts to Address Climate Change NLC Rallies Support for U.N.…