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Sep 23

RISC eNews Blast for March 16, 2012                          

RISC eNews Blast          

SEPTEMBER 23, 2013

Sep 21

TORONTO -- The heart of Canada's largest city throbs with activity.

Along Lake Ontario and inland, more than 170 construction cranes, North America's biggest assemblage, are busily expanding an already vast collection of skyscrapers. Many of the buildings glisten with the most tasteful multihued glass exteriors I've seen around the world.

And the streets of the city center are…

Sep 20

Beginning October 1, a new Health Insurance Marketplace will open in every state, giving Americans a whole new way to shop for health insurance. These changes, however, are creating a lot of confusion about what the Affordable Care Act (ACA) means for individuals and businesses.  

City leaders are encouraged to join President Barack Obama and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for a…

Sep 20

Last year, the National League of Cities, in partnership with Next American City, published a case study which looked at the Google Fiber initiative taking place in Kansas City, a ground breaking partnership between Google and Kansas City to bring gigabit-speed Internet service to homes in the at an affordable price.  NLC also blogged about Chattanooga, TN and Danville, VA, communities which…

Sep 20

Moving oil across the country by train has become a brisk business. Over 600,000 carloads of oil and ethanol were moved by rail in the U.S. in 2012, up almost 37 percent from 2008.

But two recent accidents involving rail tank cars carrying hazardous materials have prompted local officials to support new federal safety requirements.

In 2009, a tank car accident in Rockford,…

Sep 20

Pinecrest, FL - In South Florida, the threat of sea level rise and salt water intrusion threatens the region’s drinking water supplies and the Florida Everglades.  It also has implications for community planning with regard to water and transportation infrastructure, housing, and development. The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact represents a joint commitment to mitigate the…

Sep 20

Washington – Marie Lopez Rogers, President of the National League of Cities and Mayor of Avondale, AZ releases the following statement in anticipation of the House of Representatives vote on the budget:

“As we approach yet another fiscal cliff, Congress seems intent on throwing the economy, our communities and the nation’s families over the side. While some have grown indifferent to the…

Sep 17

Washington, DC – National League of Cities Executive Director, Clarence Anthony released the following statement in response to the current budget impasse:

“Cities and our residents will not resign themselves  to the idea that the federal government will be closed for business on Tuesday.  When there are budget disagreements at the local level of government, city leaders buckle down and…

Sep 16

Stacey McLaughlin and Rick Dancer will serve as presenters for the interactive seminar, “Managing the Municipal Message,” at the Congress of Cities conference on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 in Seattle, Washington.

Through social media, YouTube and city government websites, cities are in direct communication with residents now more than…

Sep 16

The Congress of Cities (CoC) this year will be jam-packed with knowledge building and training opportunities, mobile workshops, networking events and much more.  But those who have never been to Seattle may be wondering what there is to do during lunch and in the evenings.

Here are a few suggestions on how to make the most of the Emerald City!

The bustling Pike Place Market, only…