Write Congress: Support Marketplace Fairness

One of the most straightforward ways to convey your support for marketplace fairness legislation is to write a letter directly to your member of Congress. If you have a personal connection to your member of Congress or their staff, you can phone or email them directly to discuss your city's concerns. You can also send a formal message on city letterhead to describe the lack of marketplace fairness on in your city and the local business community. Use the below template to create your letter, or draft one of your own. After you send your letter, share a copy with NLC to be included on the NLC website.

Template Letter to Congress

[City Letterhead]

Dear Congressman/woman [NAME]:

On behalf of the residents of [CITY], I am writing to ask you to stand up for the businesses in our community, and urge Chairman Goodlatte of the House Judiciary Committee to hold a hearing on marketplace fairness legislation. This issue is of critical importance to the businesses that operate in and are members of our community.
The brick and mortar stores in your district help create safe and welcoming streets, bring energy to our communities, and put t-shirts on our little league teams. Now they need your support to achieve marketplace fairness. Marketplace fairness will allow our local businesses to compete on a level playing field with online stores. It is good for our communities and protects local jobs and economic activity.

Marketplace fairness is not a new tax. Right now, cities cannot compel the online companies who do business in our communities to collect the sales taxes that are already owed on these purchases. Marketplace fairness would close the existing loophole that puts brick and mortar stores at a disadvantage.

In an overwhelming bipartisan victory last year, the Senate voted to reduce the burden and make it easier for law abiding people to pay the sales taxes they owe on their retail purchases, whether made over the internet or physically in a store. Now it is time for the House to act.

Please, urge Chairman Goodlatte and the rest of the House Judiciary Committee to take action on this issue and end the unfair disparity between online sales and local purchases.