Write Congress: Support Federal Transportation Funding

One of the most straightforward ways to convey your concerns about transportation funding is to write a letter directly to your member of Congress. If you have a personal connection to your member of Congress or their staff, you can phone or email them directly to discuss your city's concerns. You can also send a formal message on city letterhead to describe the impact of transportation in your city. Use the below template to create your letter, or draft one of your own. After you send your letter, share a copy with NLC to be included on the NLC website.

Template Letter to Congress

[City Letterhead]

Dear [Congressman/Senator]:

On behalf of the residents of [CITY], I am writing to urge your support for a multiyear surface transportation bill that will provide local economies the resources to keep up with transportation needs and ensures a strong role for local officials in selecting the projects that are funded. If Congress fails to act, cities will have to delay or cancel many projects indefinitely. For local governments, transportation keeps economies moving and growing and ensures that freight gets to its final destination.

Local governments are the major owners and operators of roads, bridges and transit systems in the United States and contribute substantial amounts of funds for transportation. In [CITY OR STATE], local governments own and operate [PERCENTAGE]* of the roads/bridges. Building and maintaining this portion of the nation transportation network would not be possible without the federal-state-local partnership and federal funds that support highways, bridges, and transit systems.

A strong transportation network is good for the economy. Transportation creates jobs, and moves people and goods around our community and throughout the country. The transportation projects in our city provide  [DESCRIBE BENEFITS] for our local community and contribute to the national economy. I encourage you to act quickly to adopt legislation that continues to support these vital transportation links to our national transportation network.

Thank you for your continued support for strong, vibrant local communities. I look forward to showing you these projects when you are back in the district.

With best wishes,
[City Council Title]

* You can access information about the impact of transportation funding loss in your state, as well as some cities, using data from the Transportation for America website.