What would "One NLC" look like?

*Representative Quotes

“One logo. One mission. One voice.”

“A place where all staff are working to fill the needs of members by adhering to the mission/vision of the organization.”

“When asked ‘What does NLC do?’ any staff member, or NLC member, can reply with a consistent, defined and powerful message.” “A more integrated approach at all leadership levels, where staff are familiar and knowledgeable about the various departments and what we do.”

 “All staff working together to create an organization that is forward thinking, cutting edge, and responsive to the needs of its members.”

“A vision for the primary importance of cities to this country, culturally and economically, [in which] every city/town leader can see themselves.”

“A commitment to uniformly superb service to our members that drives us to look for ways to increase each other’s impact, relevance and prestige.”

“Less office space, more open floor plans – encourage folks to talk, innovate, solve problems.”

“An organization that combines its programmatic and advocacy resources.”

“The full city would participate – teams of electeds and city staff would call NLC home.”

“The primary ‘go to’ source for information as it relates to current and emerging issues that affect our cities.”