Understanding Foreclosure: The City Leader's Guide

NLC University, in collaboration with NLC Capstone Corporate Partner, Wells Fargo, is pleased to present a new online course designed to help municipal officials better understand the mortgage and foreclosure process and develop strategies to reduce the impact of foreclosure on cities. Because we understand what an important issue this is for communities, we're making this course available at no cost to both NLC members and non-members.

The course is offered in three self-paced modules:

• Module 1 - Understanding Foreclosure: How does it impact your city?
• Module 2 - Understanding Mortgage Basics: Who is responsible for taking care of vacant and abandoned properties?
• Module 3 - Building Strategies and Partnerships: How will you address foreclosure in your city?

Each module comes with specific learning objectives, can be completed in 30-60 minutes, and concludes with engagement activities and downloadable takeaways allowing you to go deeper. For the best experience, we encourage you to take the modules in order.

Course Access for NLC Members:

Register here to access the course and receive 2 credits in the NLC University Training Program.

Course Access for Non-Members:

Click on the modules below to skip registration and access the course directly for no credit.

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3

Credits: Two (2) credits in the NLC University Training Program (for NLC members).
Fee: $0

For questions or troubleshooting, please contact University@nlc.org