Tweet Your Congressional Delegation

You may already use social media like Twitter as part of your work as a city leader. Your tweets can help inform residents about city services, share emergency information, and keep your constituents up-to-date on your activities. Twitter can also be used to raise awareness about an issue and to advocate on behalf of a position.

You can raise awareness about the need for marketplace fairness legislation by tweeting regularly about the impact that delaying marketplace fairness has for businesses and residents in your community, and the value that it has for your city. You can tweet directly at your congressional delegation, and find their Twitter usernames online. When tweeting about marketplace fairness, use popular "hashtags" to group your tweets with others on the same topic, such as #marketplacefairness, #efairness, #remotesalestax, or others. For example:

"[member of Congress][city name] businesses contribute to our economy. We need #marketplacefairness now to level the playing field."

You can also "retweet" posts by other Twitter users, such as NLC (@leagueofcities), to share the information and advocacy from those users with your own followers, and encourage them to share as well. A member of Congress who sees numerous or interesting tweets on a particular topic may be more likely to take the issue seriously, and be aware of local concerns on the issue.